It's hard to believe June is just around the corner, and soon we'll be working through Q3/Q4 on our way to the holidays and a new year. From Owner Summit 2018 in South Carolina to our most recent event in Belize, it's been a whirlwind year with amazing insights, inspiration and ideas shared by the community.

Here's a rundown of opportunities to connect this year, and events we’re currently planning for 2019. Join us to learn, network and collaborate with new friends and allies who share your same goals and challenges.

Our Events

What's the difference between a camp and a summit? Camps are smaller, curated get-togethers, and summits are larger events that blend a traditional conference format with facilitated conversations and breakouts. Learn more about our events and why you should attend.




Operations Camp Utah: June 10–13

Registration closes this Friday, May 25th, so don't wait any longer. Set in the heart of the Utah Rocky Mountains, Operations Camp is the perfect place to dig into your questions and uncover real, actionable takeaways. Break away from your day-to-day and connect with some of the best operators around to iron out forecasting, resourcing, process and more.

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Bureau Online Summit 2018: July 20

Designed for all roles at a digital agency, the Online Summit brings together industry leaders for talks and Q&A on a variety of topics including operations, team dynamics, diversity, process, financial literacy, UX in project management, social politics at work and content delivery. Speaker announcements are now live.

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Process Camp Oregon: August 8–10

Meet our special guest, Robert Sfeir. Working closely with clients’ senior executives and internal teams, Robert has led delivery for clients including CNN, AMC Theatres, Capital One, Lowe’s, Ruth’s Chris and Turner Broadcasting. Over the past 21 years, Robert has leveraged methodologies including waterfall, hybrid, Agile and Lean to help companies meet growing needs, motivate, innovate, learn, adapt and deliver on common goals.

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Digital PM Summit 2018: September 4–6, Memphis, TN

Just released: The agenda is live, and jam-packed with relevant topics presented by speakers with real experience on the front lines of digital projects. No matter your methodology, discover the secrets to keep projects moving, clients happy, teams engaged and budgets intact. Join us for two days of engaging presentations, breakout sessions and lightning talks, with an optional workshop day.

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Owner Camp Colorado: October 15–18

Running a digital agency is tough. If you feel like you’re making it up as you go, you’re not alone. Join us for a series of moderated discussions where everyone is a presenter. We’ll discuss best practices, share lessons learned and throw our challenges into the ring to co-author solutions together.

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[SOLD OUT] Women’s Leadership Camp Asheville: November 11–13

Meet our special guest, Avery Swartz. A tech correspondent for the Canadian media, Avery helms North Coast Group, a website advisory and digital consultancy. She is the founder and CEO of Camp Tech, the tech workshop company for non-technical people, and hosts the Gather North retreat for women who make the web. Avery is #5 on the Top 50 Women in Marketing list by Search Engine Journal.

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Digital PM Camp Asheville: November 14–16

Digital project management is on the front lines of every digital project. If something isn't working optimally, it impacts your entire company. Cost, schedule, quality, team dynamics, client satisfaction and profits all suffer. Gather with fellow digital project managers and solve real problems based on experience, not theory. 

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Creative Director Camp New Orleans: December 2–4

Creative directors wear many hats including designer, visionary, mentor, mediator and salesperson. Some of these roles might come as second nature to you. Some you may view as necessary evils, and some just drain the lifeblood out of you. Hone in on the things that are holding you and your team back, and work with your peers to figure out the best path forward.

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Operations Camp New Orleans: December 5–7

Operations is the “how” that gets you from sales to profit. With so many moving pieces: pipelines, resources, ResearchOps, DesignOps, DevOps…there’s a lot to think about and work out. Rather than go it alone, why not tackle challenges with your fellow operators? We’ll open up the floor for our toughest challenges and hash out solutions together.

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Owner Summit 2019: February 10–12, Austin, TX

In 2015, more than 100 digital owners came together in Austin to share insights, talk about challenges and discuss where the industry was and could be. We're headed back to Austin for 2019 to celebrate our fifth anniversary where it all began. This year's summit will hone in on the theme of being a better business. We'll focus on finance, legal, process, business development and other mission-critical aspects to gear up for 2019 and our best year yet. Join us for workshops 2/10/19 and the Summit 2/11–2/12/19.

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Design Leadership Camp: Details TBD

Design leadership is easier when you have a group of peers to support, challenge and encourage you. We're in the final stages of pinning down the dates and location for Design Leadership Camp 2019.

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Biz Dev Camp: Details TBD

Business Development is something all shops strive to get better at. Our inaugural Biz Dev Camp 2018 was one of our most popular events. Stay tuned for more announcements for 2019.

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