The Bureau Standard Form of Agreement for Digital Services

From the beginning, digital studios large and small have leaned on contracts, SOWs and MSAs that weren’t quite right. Either they were based on agreements that had been created from a different industry, cobbled together over the years based on bad deals or created by lawyers who didn’t quite understand the nuances of the digital world and our work.

We’ve created The Bureau Standard Form of Agreement for Digital Services to provide a solid foundation to help digital agencies build trust, accelerate negotiations and go from proposal to deposit more quickly.

The Bureau Agreement v1.2—Updated for GDPR

The Bureau Agreement v1.2 is a base-level agreement for website projects with front-end development. It includes three parts:

  1. The Bureau Standard Form of Agreement for Digital Services

  2. Standard Statement of Work (SOW) with sample language and recommendations on how your SOWs should be structured

  3. User guide that includes an overview, negotiating tips and information to help you put the Agreement to use

The Bureau Agreement is a collaboration between Gabe Levine and Josh Barrett, Attorneys / Principals at Matchstick Legal. Gabe and Josh specialize in business law and advocacy for creators of digital products, and work with many organizations within the Bureau community.

Overview of GDPR Updates

Building on the previous version, The Bureau Agreement v1.2 includes new updates for the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  • We generalized and expanded the excluded work bullet relating to regulatory compliance with privacy laws. This exclusion means that the Client is responsible for determining what it needs to do to be compliant and provide those specifications to the Agency.

  • We included three new assumptions relating to privacy compliance. When included, these provisions give the Agency comfort that it will not be subject to GDPR (and if the Client got these things wrong, Agency has a basis for terminating the agreement or adjusting its fee).

Read on for more information on how digital agencies can be impacted, and steps you can take.

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What’s Next?

If the industry doesn’t define the standard, who will? Our clients? That doesn’t seem right. Let’s create the standard together, adopt it, talk about it with our clients and use it as a tool to improve the way we do business.