Why Attend?

Maybe you went to school for what you do now or, more likely, you didn't. The Bureau brings together digital leaders from across North America and beyond to learn, collaborate and hash out ideas and solutions. Why attend an event? Here are a few advantages:

  1. Fresh perspective. It’s tough to gain traction or champion the good of your team when your viewpoint is narrowed to your own set of experiences and the voices inside your own shop—or head. Connect with a diverse community from different backgrounds, niches and experiences and find a new perspective to see things differently.

  2. Up your game—and have fun doing it. Eager to uncover best practices and tools, explore alternative ways of doing things and learn from others’ fairy tales and horror stories? Bureau events are fun, lively discussions that help you achieve your goals and do your best.

  3. New friends and allies. With the Bureau, the community stays with you long after the event has passed. Connect, learn and grow alongside peers who live and breathe your same challenges every day.

  4. Implement changes right away. Bureau events are designed to give you real, actionable takeaways. So you can start changing things up as soon as you’re back home. Dig into the things that matter most to you, your team and your business and turn ideas into action to catalyze change.

  5. Leverage the collective know-how. Ever wish you could find people who understand what you're up against, put them in a room together and ask them for advice? Bureau events give you that chance.

  6. An environment for innovation. Breakthroughs don't happen at your desk or sitting in front of your computer. They show up in unexpected moments, creative environments and new cities with new people.

  7. Self-care. As leaders, we’re constantly shuffling our priorities…and oftentimes we end up at the bottom of our own lists. Bureau events give you a chance to take care of yourself while taking care of business. It’s amazing how much better ideas and solutions are when you take time to recharge.

  8. Community and collaboration. When you attend an event, you gain access to the Bureau online community and the Bureau Directory. Trade expertise, experience, tools and resources, refer work out or pool resources to get team members off the bench. There’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Carlos Taborda, Principal at Gistia
The Bureau of Digital events have marked a clear before and after for Gistia. It’s about the people you meet, and the exposure to new ideas that help you develop as a professional and grow as an agency leader. You think you go for the sessions, but you leave with new ideas, and lifelong friends. Couldn’t be more grateful to Carl and his team.
— Carlos Taborda, Principal, Gistia

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