Riff on New Ideas & Solutions in the Birthplace of Jazz

As a creative leader, you're a maker, manager, mentor, facilitator, risk-taker, salesperson et al. Some of these roles might come as second nature to you. Some you may view as necessary evils. And some just drain the lifeblood out of you. Join us in New Orleans for an open, honest dialogue with peers to grow and evolve in your career.


Join Fellow Creative Leaders in New Orleans

Few cities in the world match the vibrant energy, warmth and friendliness of NOLA. Get inspired, get answers and get back to work with a whole set of new ideas to implement right away. We're headed to the International House New Orleans, a beautiful Beaux-Arts-style building located a few blocks from the French Quarter. Sort through challenges with fellow creatives while experiencing the excitement of New Orleans.

A two-day break from the daily grind, Creative Director Camp gives you fresh air (and pastries) for innovation. Wake up each morning in a creative environment, wander down to breakfast and spend a fun, focused day talking shop with people who share your challenges. Get the answers you need during moderated discussions, unscripted conversations and impromptu moments engaged in fun activities.

Experience Creative Director Camp 


Meaningful Connections

Creative Director Camp is the opportunity to connect with peers in an open, supportive environment. Trade stories as you stroll the French Quarter, indulge in local cuisine or admire the local architecture or art. Spend some QT with fellow creatives to build a network that lasts long after you head home.

All That Jazz

In jazz, everyone gets a voice. Same goes at Creative Director Camp. Intentionally small and unscripted, Creative Director Camp lets you go where the conversation takes you. Chirp the blues, hit the high notes or speak the truth when things don't jive.

Time to Reflect & Refresh

As a creative director, you’re trying to deliver amazing work, inspire your team, balance competing interests and maintain your sanity. Spend some time away from it all, and come back renewed and energized. It’s amazing how much better solutions are when you take time to relax and recharge.


People Who Share Your Challenges

Curious how other creative directors do things, and the reasoning behind their decisions? If you’ve ever wished you could ask around for advice or insights, or just find someone who understands what you're going through, this is your chance.

Share Your Experiences & Learn from Others

Creative Director Camp is a place to talk through challenges and opportunities. Everyone has something to contribute, and important insights to share. Join us to add your unique perspectives and experiences to the mix.

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