Fix the Things That Are Holding You Back

In operations, you’re figuring out the who, what, where, when and how everything gets done. You’re managing people, growth, systems, finance and more. Some things you may have all figured out. Others, maybe not so much. Wouldn't it be nice to get away for a few days and connect with your true peers? Join us this December in New Orleans to trade insights and experiences and walk away with actionable strategies you can start using right away.


Join Fellow Operators in New Orleans

Operations Camp is a two-day retreat for digital operators. Unplug, connect, share and solve problems together, while enjoying the charm and creative energy of New Orleans. We're headed to the International House New Orleans, a historic building located a few blocks from the French Quarter. Work on your business away from it all, and come back to work refreshed.

At Operations Camp, we take care of all of the planning and details, so you can relax and enjoy camp. Wake up each morning in an inspiring environment, wander down to breakfast and spend the day talking shop with new friends and allies. Get the answers you need during moderated discussions, unscripted conversations and impromptu moments engaged in fun activities.

Experience Operations Camp 


Invaluable Connections

Operations Camp is the opportunity to connect with peers and have open, honest conversations in a supportive environment. Trade stories as you indulge in true New Orleans cuisine, enjoy live music or stroll the French Quarter. At Operations Camp, the friendships and alliances you make last long after you head back home.


A New Vantage Point

Operations Camp gives you the creative environment and camaraderie you need to examine problems from different angles and explore things you may have never tried or considered. If you've ever wanted to see inside other shops, and hear from other operators, this is your chance.


Time Away from It All

We’ve all been there—an unexpected conversation or offhand remark shakes the fog from our brains, and suddenly we know the right way to turn, and where to take an idea next. Sounding thoughts off others makes them better, and solutions are easier to find when they have space and support to grow.


Real-World Experiences & Insights

At Operations Camp, everyone is a presenter, so rest assured, we’ll talk about the topics you care most about. The value lies in the perspectives you absorb from each attendee, people who know what you're up against and can help you move forward.


“Operations Camp was by far the most worthwhile event I've ever attended. I learned more in three days than I learned in the previous 10 years of conferences.”

— Shawn Maida, Founder & Partner, Foster Made


“I can honestly say that my experience at the Bureau events has directly impacted my ability to grow into a senior leader at my company. I can’t imagine my career without the support and camaraderie from the colleagues I’ve met at the camps and summits.”

— Elia Albarran, Director of Operations, Four Kitchens


“Operations camp is an event that any digital operator in the agency world should attend. I learned so many insights from those who attended and I simply didn't want to leave!”

— Melanie Chandruang, Founder/Operations Consultant, WeConsult

Share Your Experiences & Learn from Others

Operations Camp is a place to talk through challenges and opportunities. Everyone has something to contribute, and important insights to share. Join us to add your unique perspectives and experiences to the mix.

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