The Power of a Growing Community

As the “leadership” part of the design leadership equation grows, many in the industry are grappling with new roles, responsibilities and challenges. Design leaders are pressed to prove the business value of design, determine organizational and reporting structures, manage DesignOps and so much more.

Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to convene design leaders from amazing organizations including Google, InVision, Disney, Etsy, Capital One, Nationwide, IBM, Atlassian, Oracle and more. It’s been incredible to witness the energy, camaraderie and game-changing solutions that emerge from these gatherings.


Bringing Together the Best in Design Leadership

This September, we’re hosting our very first Design Leadership Days. Similar to a summit or conference, but with a casual, low-key creative vibe, Design Leadership Days is an opportunity to connect with fellow design leaders from around the world, to share, network and grow together. Many of the most admired leaders in the industry will be taking the stage to speak on a wide range of topics including the ROI of design, growing teams, process at scale, change management, diversity in products, the impact of design, self care and more.

Brandy Porter Mailchimp

Brandy Porter

Stephen Gates InVision

Stephen Gates

Boyuan Gao Project Inkblot

Boyuan Gao
Project Inkblot

Robert Sfeir Huge

Robert Sfeir

Vivian Sarratt Google

Vivian Sarratt

Richard Banfield InVision

Richard Banfield

Aaron Draplin Draplin Design Co.

Aaron Draplin
Draplin Design Co.

Jahan Mantin Project Inkblot

Jahan Mantin
Project Inkblot

Alastair Simpson Atlassian

Alastair Simpson

Lynsey Thornton Shopify

Lynsey Thornton

Mariah Hay Pluralsight

Mariah Hay

Andrew La Monica Consultant

Andrew La Monica

Dr. Sherry Walling ZenFounder

Dr. Sherry Walling


Who Should Attend

If you lead a design team, or aspire to, Design Leadership Days is for you. We’re coming together to dig into challenges including:

  • Proving the “business value” of design and advocating for design in cross-functional teams

  • Determining the best organizational structures, DesignOps and metrics for your team

  • Effectively leading, mentoring and engaging your design team

  • Staying inspired as you make the transition from maker to manager

When & Where

Our inaugural event will take place September 18–20 at Fremont Foundry in Seattle, Washington. Fremont Foundry is an unconventional venue that’s played a key role in the local artist community for decades. We’ll kick things off with a fun welcome reception, before settling in for two days of inspiration, insights and actionable strategies from amazing design leaders. We’re also bringing in a few of the city’s best food trucks so you can experience an eclectic taste of Seattle in addition to exploring local eateries, restaurants and bars.

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