Vivian Sarratt

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Vivian Sarratt is an Emmy-award-winning producer, and leads global companies to launch user-centered products and campaigns across broadcast, desktop and mobile. As a senior leader, she has experience building high-performing teams, scaling processes across challenging stages of growth and delivering high-quality work.

Vivian partners across functions to solve complex problems for organizations. She's led teams to launch large-scale and small-scale site development, iOS and Android applications and mobile web, major media campaigns, branding and digital strategy for brands. Vivian brings a mix of proven approaches and new ideas, along with fundamentals, motivational tips and empathetic advice that will align teams and elevate the way anyone plans, runs and manages their projects.




Better Together: How Cross-Functional Collaboration Creates Better Products

Thursday, September 19
11:30 AM–12:15 PM

It’s no secret that designers and product managers have a complicated relationship. While both are working towards the same common goal, creating excellent products for their users, they seemingly always encounter bumps in the road that hinder this process. Join Vivian Sarratt as she explores different ways to make this intricate relationship work for you rather than against you, whether you’re in-house or at an agency.

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