In three short weeks, digital project managers from across the U.S. and beyond will converge in Memphis, TN for the sixth annual Digital PM Summit. If you haven't registered yet, there's still time. But don't wait too long! September 4 will be here before we know it.

Already, our workshops have sold out, and hotel rooms are filling up fast. Register to join us, then book your hotel by Friday, August 17 to take advantage of our special group rate. This is the biggest professional conference for people who manage digital projects. We'd hate for you to miss out.


Get in on the Digital PM Event of the Year

So what will you gain when you attend the Digital PM Summit? The answer depends on what you need most for your projects, stakeholders, teams and organization. There are many, many benefits to joining us. Here are just a few:

Invaluable Connections

Project management is not an easy gig, and it’s hard to be there for your team when it feels like your primary responsibility is to take a punch every day. Join us to connect with industry pros who have navigated your same challenges, and who understand what you're up against. At the Digital PM Summit, you'll forge connections and friendships that will last throughout your career.

Building Leadership & Culture for Digital Transformation

Each year, businesses spend between a half billion dollars and a billion dollars on project management development. Yet, only about 29% of projects are considered successful. Why?

A clue: a recent Deloitte report found that 65% of companies surveyed had no significant programs to provide their people with the skills required to lead digital transformation.

Many businesses invest in methods, structure, process and tools, but often overlook the importance of cultivating leadership (who we are as leaders) and culture (the types of environments we create). Both are necessary for great work and relationships to happen. Learn more.

Ideas & Strategies You Can Implement Right Away

What does it take to build successful, high-performing teams? How do you use retrospectives to extract meaningful insights? How do you avoid burnout? What are the principles and benefits of Lean, Kanban and Dual-Track? Whatever your questions, you'll find answers at the Digital PM Summit. View the agenda.

The Power of Community

In the digital world, tech, tools and techniques change so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. But together with industry pros and the DPM community rallying behind you, you can quickly uncover answers and strategies to optimize your role, projects and teams. Sure, it can seem tough to break away for a few days, but doing so will pay off tremendously long-term.

And Much More…

Ready to do this? Tell us what you're most excited about, and we'll see you in Memphis!

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