Chances are, you want to attend the 2019 Digital PM Summit, but you need to get approval from your company to unlock greatness at the conference (and in attendee-only Role Calls leading up to the event). Getting approval from your manager or supervisor can be a challenge, as it takes time and money (you’re a DPM, you get it!). So in order to help you make the case to attend, we’re providing you with a list of compelling reasons, and some sample verbiage to tailor to make your own.

A Few Reasons to Attend

There’s no shortage of reasons to join us at the Digital PM Summit—here are just a few. We hope these reasons, on top of your personal drive and desire to learn, help to secure your spot!

1. Pre-Event Learning & Networking Opportunities to Help You Right Now

Prior to October, we’ll be hosting monthly Role Calls, which are Zoom meetings for attendees only. You’ll have the opportunity to bring up topics or ask questions during these moderated sessions on August 16 and September 13. Register now and join the next call.

Plus, we’ve already opened up our Slack channel for the 2019 event, so there’s an opportunity to engage with fellow attendees daily! Got an issue that’s bugging you, or a question about a thing that you’d like some perspective on? You’ll get plenty of that in Orlando, but why not jump on the opportunity before then?

2. Digital Project Management Tips, Ideas & Approaches from Industry Leaders to Help Your Business Be More Efficient & Profitable

This conference isn’t about listening to speakers with no relevant, or current, experience in the industry. In fact, it’s the opposite! You’re going to learn so much from people who do just what you do, in a variety of settings, on a daily basis. Think of the Digital PM Summit as a practical education on things like:

  • Building and managing process

  • Team management

  • Being more Agile

  • Sharpening technical skills

  • Managing clients or stakeholders

  • Driving consensus

  • Planning

  • And more! The full agenda is available for review on the web and is chock-full of bullets that provide insight into the many takeaways you’ll return to the office with.

We’re bringing together industry leaders from many of the world’s most admired organizations including Google, Capital One, Duke University, CNN and Huge. Find out how DPMs are improving business efficiency and profitability, and take learnings back to your own organization to implement right away.

3. Dedicated Networking & Learning Opportunities with Your Industry Peers

The sessions aren’t just presentations—you’ll benefit from breakout discussions and interactive sessions with your peers to talk about specific topics where you’ll offer your insights and advice, and gain the same from fellow DPMs who are in similar positions and organizations as you.

4. A Valuable Resource Community

As an attendee, you’ll uncover the latest DPM trends, strategies and tools, while connecting with a community that stays with you throughout your career. Find out how fellow DPMs have tackled your same challenges, vet ideas and find new energy with people who share your passion for project management and the digital industry.

5. Focused Time Away from Project Work

Being a DPM can be stressful. That’s why there are sessions in the agenda about managing stress and doing better. You’ll surely come away with some ideas to help you keep that balance. But you can also use this short work getaway to unwind and focus on how you can improve your skill set, role and position within your team or organization. You’ll have the time to explore Orlando, attend all of the sessions and even continue valuable conversations at the various official Digital PM Summit networking events. You’ll have fun and be productive at the same time!


Putting Together Your Request

Alright, time to package up your request. Here is some sample verbiage that you can tailor to best fit your role, team and organization. Your company is making an investment in sending you, so it’s important to outline benefits for not only your role, but also for your team and organization as a whole.

Hi [Manager Name],

The 2019 Digital PM Summit is taking place in Orlando, October 21–22, and bringing together industry leaders from Google, Capital One, Duke University, CNN and Huge (name-drop speakers / attendees similar to yours). I’d like to attend to bring back strategies, ideas and tools to help improve our delivery, project outcomes and overall team success.

Here are just a few of the sessions that align with our current goals and challenges (choose agenda sessions most relevant to your organization):

Additionally, the Summit offers monthly attendee-only Role Calls with fellow DPMs on June 7, July 12, August 16 and September 13. I’ll also gain access to the private Slack community for even more knowledge sharing as soon as I register for the conference.

I understand the conference is an investment, and appreciate your consideration. The cost to attend is roughly $____. This includes registration, travel expenses, hotel and a meal per diem, and breaks down as follows:

  • Conference Fee: $1,099 (or $1,399 to include the optional Oct. 20 workshop day)

  • Airfare or Mileage: $____

  • Transportation to and from the hotel: $20 or less for round-trip fares using a rideshare service

  • Hotel: $149/night + tax

  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are included on the two conference days

Please let me know what questions I can answer, and if I have your approval to attend. Thank you for considering this important training opportunity.


Ready? Let’s Do This!

What are you looking forward to most for the Summit? Let us know your top reasons for attending by commenting below.