Digital PM Summit 2019 Speakers

The Digital PM Summit brings together industry leaders to share insights, experiences and inspiration to help you take your role, projects and products to the next level. Select a speaker below to learn more about our 2019 lineup. Check back, because we’ll be adding more speakers and a full event agenda soon!

Philip Rowe

UX Program Manager, Google. @philipfrowe.

Patti Epstein

Project & Production Manager

Anita Sagar

Agile Consultant at Enterprise Knowledge. Certified Scrum Master. @oopsie_desi.

Peter Taylor

Best-Selling Author of The Lazy Project Manager. Head of Global PMO at Aptos Retail. @thelazypm.

Dean Schuster

Partner, User Experience Strategy at truematter. @ExperienceDean.

Dr. Sidjae Price

Best-Selling Author.
Consultant at Priceless Planning. @SidjaeP.

Ryan Schaefer

Digital Project Manager at Viget. @ryanschaefer41.

Jillian Warren

Senior Project & Client Relations Manager, Duke Web Services, Duke University. @jillyk.

Erika Stanley

Account Manager at Big Sea.

Christine Holcombe

Certified Scrum Master. Senior Producer, Human Centered Design Education Team at USAA. @holcombe5000.

Kathryn Murphy

Senior Digital Project Manager at Orases Consulting Corporation.

Joe Crespo

Director of Accounts at Aten Design Group. @jscrespo.

Tracy Hennessy

Director of Delivery at Handsome. @tracynhennessy.

Daphne Bourne

Senior Manager, Design Practice at Capital One.

Crystal Richards

Principal & Owner of Mosaic Resource Group. Dynamic Trainer. Results-Oriented Facilitator. @CrystalMosaicRG.

Robert Sfeir

Head of Delivery, Global at Huge, Inc. @RobertSfeir.

Sally Shaughnessy

Director of Project Management at Aten Design Group.

Jenna Trunzo

Project Manager at Globant.

Matt O’Bryant

Director of Strategy at Oomph, Inc. @matthew_obryant.

Lynn Winter

Freelance Digital Strategist. Founder of Manage Digital.

Patrice Embry

Freelance Digital Project Manager. @patrice108.

Rob Harr

Developer. Software Consultant. VP of Operations at Sparkbox. @robertHarr.

Brett Harned

Founder of the Digital PM Summit. Director of Education at TeamGantt. Author of Project Management for Humans. @brettharned.

Insights from Fellow DPMs & Industry Leaders

What’s in store for 2019? Tune into a few of the 2018 speaker sessions for a glimpse into the last Digital PM Summit.

Colin Ellis: Digital Transformation Starts With You

As a leader and manager, digital transformation starts with you and your behaviors. Get a blueprint of the skills you need to lead digital transformation projects to success. These skills are applicable and immediately actionable regardless of role, sector and location.

Meghan McInerny: The Ride or Die PM

To-do lists and tasks don't get most of us out of bed in the morning—we want to think bigger and add more value. Luckily, our foundational talents and skills as DPMs set us up to be strategic, ride-or-die partners with our clients, teams and organizations.

Lynn Winter: PM Burnout: The Struggle Is Real

The PM position should not require a loss of work/life balance and it’s our role as a community to redefine that perception. After all, life is too short to be miserable.

Yvette Pegues: The Intersection Between Technology, Humanity & Social Responsibility

How a project team cultivates its culture impacts the entire project, client relations and end-user experience. Learn how strategic advocacy pivots the solution to find a productive way forward for all.

Dave Prior & Mika Trottier: The Agile Human: Learn to Lead Yourself First

Project management is not an easy gig, and it’s hard to be there for your team when it feels like your primary responsibility is to take a punch every day. Leverage agile philosophies to set personal objectives, take ownership and shape your future.

Aaron Irizarry: Laying the Groundwork: Building Foundations for High-Performing Teams

When you look at what it takes to build successful, high-performing teams, you see that our opportunity for success doesn’t solely lie in the skills we hire for. We set a foundation for successful outcomes by building a foundation for our teams to do their best work and be their best selves.

Patrice Embry: Finessing a Retrospective to Get Results

Post-mortem retrospectives work great—in theory. But in practice, they can make people feel defensive and unsure, or just ignored completely. The key is to know how to finesse the information to get the results you want while keeping your team motivated.

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