How do you become a better leader to truly show up and be present for your team, family and friends? Dave Prior, Certified Scrum Trainer at LeadingAgile, and Mika Trottier, Partner Acceleration Lead at Shopify, have some tried-and-true recommendations. They took the stage at the 2018 Digital PM Summit to share lessons learned running Agile experiments on themselves, as they put Agile through its paces to better their personal and professional lives.

“If you want to lead other people, the first thing you need to learn how to do is lead yourself.” — Dave Prior

In their candid, light-hearted presentation, Dave and Mika share their first-hand experiences leveraging Agile philosophies to set personal objectives, take ownership and shape their futures. Dave digs into his personal quest to fix the way he is when he gets back from weeks on the road, and Mika guides us through her journey to become a pillar of support for her team.

Join Dave and Mika for a wild ride, and learn how to:

  • Develop a personal vision statement and set goals to guide your experiments in personal agility

  • Deepen your awareness of Agile practices that can be easily applied at a personal level to hack your life and your approach to work

  • Create and prioritize a product backlog that you can use to begin running your own agile experiments for personal improvement and psychological self-care

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