Mika Trottier

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Mika Trottier, PMP, CSM, CSPO specializes in project management, product management, and team development. For the last decade, she’s worked for startups and agencies where she’s lead teams though rapid growth, and agile transformation. She’s managed Scrum teams, and has run projects spanning from enterprise-level software implementations, to marketing web strategy and video production. Along the way, Mika has played every role from account manager to content strategist. Mika currently works for Shopify as an Education Program Manager. Her team’s focus is teaching Shopify Partners – freelancers, studios, and agencies – technical skills and business best practices.

Mika’s passion for project management is deeply connected to her love of psychology and scientific experimentation. She believes effective project management is an art; it takes technique, practice, and failure to master. As an advocate for project managers and women in tech, Mika is an active mentor and teacher in the Ottawa, Canada community.

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The Agile Human: Learn to Lead Yourself First

3:00 pm, Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 5
Guest House Theater

Project Management is not an easy gig, and it’s hard to be there for your team when it feels like your primary responsibility is to take a punch every day. If Project Management is something you are interested in doing long term, you are going to have to come up with ways to not only survive the job, but to optimize your approach so you can truly be there for your team.

In this interactive workshop, Dave Prior and Mika Trottier will present the results of months of experiments using a variety of Agile practices to truly “show up” and be present for their teams. During the session, Dave and Mika will share the agile philosophies you can leverage to set personal objectives, take ownership, and shape your future. They'll guide you through how to use some of the tools they found had the greatest impact on their ability to survive project management by leading themselves first. 


  • Develop a personal vision statement and set goals to guide your experiments in personal agility

  • Deepen your awareness of Agile practices that can be easily applied at a personal level to hack your life and your approach to work

  • Create and prioritize a product backlog that you can use to begin running your own agile experiments for personal improvement and psychological self-care