Thank you.

If you’re an alumni from years past, or just got back from your first Bureau event, you make this community possible. It’s an inspiration to see how you help one another every day. From suggesting a new approach to sharing a lead, your generosity is the energy that keeps us going. And if you haven’t attended a Bureau event yet, well, keep reading. Because you just found your people.

Read on for more details or skip to the 2019 schedule of events.

The Focus for 2019

We also appreciate your openness regarding how we’re doing. Through direct conversations and surveys, we’ve gotten insights on how to make the Bureau even more beneficial and accessible. Here are our top goals for 2019:

  • Continue creating inclusive environments for digital professionals to connect

  • Increasing the diversity of both the community and events

  • Providing more affordable and accessible event options

Making More Affordable Event Options

Obviously everyone has a different budget for continuing education. We’ve heard from some that what they get annually can’t get them to a Bureau event. So for some roles we need to rethink the events themselves. Remove expense where we can without removing value. In addition to being more strategic, here are some cost saving ways you can join us next year:

  • Early Purchase Discounts: Buy your ticket before we know all the details. You’ll save hundreds.

  • Alumni Pricing: In the past, the Bureau offered a certain number of alumni tickets as a way of saying thanks for your support. Let’s bring that back.

  • Pop-up Workshop Days: For several events this year we’ll be adding an optional workshop. So if you have the extra time, hang out for more learning. Or if you just want to go to the workshop that’s cool, too.

  • Bundled Pricing: Many companies attend multiple Bureau events a year. If you’re ready to get the tickets for the year up front it’s more economical. Also not a bad tax strategy. Send me an email for more information.

What’s Going Away

Right away we knew one change we had to make: fewer camps. We love them, but to create the right camp experience requires a unique and often expensive environment. So with a heavy heart, we’ve decided to let Creative Director Camp and Digital PM Camp take a break in 2019. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be great opportunities for CDs and DPMs to connect and learn next year. They’ll just be easier to attend.

New 2018 Events That are Coming Back

Two 2018 inaugural events that will be coming back are Women’s Leadership Camp and Biz Dev Camp. Both have generated an enormous amount of enthusiasm. Biz Dev Camp received a top review and actually spun off an accountability group that’s meeting monthly. And we cannot wait to hear the feedback of the first Women’s Leadership Camp which is going on this week.

And while Process Camp received great reviews, we realize it would be more valuable as a workshop. So look for that to be popping up later in the year too.

Events Launching in 2019

We’re launching two new events in 2019.

Nowhere has there been more enthusiasm for a Bureau event than Design Leadership Camp. It’s not unusual for hundreds to apply for the 30 available spots. But adding another camp won’t meet the demand and also won’t provide a more accessible event. So we’re happy to announce Design Leadership Days. Three days of celebrating the elevation of design in both business and the world. From an opening day of connecting and getting to know each other, to a day of guided conversations on topics that matter to you and rounding it out with workshops to help us improve our skills, teams and careers.

And the new event that’s got us ready to work is Digital Diversity Days at Seer. There are a tremendous number of groups and organizations doing great work on building a more diverse and inclusive web. And while we know we have a lot to learn, we are ready to put our capabilities to work in a more focused manner. This event will bring together digital companies of all kinds to get connected with real strategies, real people and real diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. And we couldn’t choose a better partner than Seer or a better location than Philadelphia, one of the most diverse tech cities in North America.

And now…the 2019 Bureau of Digital Events Schedule.

2019 Schedule of Events

February 10–12: Owner Summit Austin | Register

Celebrating its fifth year, Owner Summit is returning to Austin, Texas where it all began. And while we’ve continued to build community for shops large and small, this year is all about how we can run better businesses. From financial literacy to legal smarts to formalizing our business development to creating better team dynamics, this is the event you’ll leave feeling less like an imposter and more like an owner.

March 3–6: Design Leadership Camp Santa Fe | Apply

Design Leadership Camp is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hone your leadership skills, immerse yourself in rugged beauty and turn problem-solving into an adventure. So if you manage a large team of designers, not only do you have our sympathy but you’ve got a place to learn, share and commiserate over what to do now that you’ve gotten a seat at the table. There are only four spots left for the next Design Leadership Camp taking place in one of the most creative cities in America: Santa Fe, New Mexico.

March 19–22 Biz Dev Camp DC at viget | Presentation Skills Workshop | Apply

The first Biz Dev Camp sold out months in advance and we weren’t surprised. It’s the hot topic in digital services. This year we’re partnering with Viget to bring all the learning and goodness to the D.C. area. And a big bonus this year…we’ll have an optional workshop on presentation skills the final day.

April 10–13 Owner Camp Bend | Forecasting Workshop | Apply

This April, join us in Bend, Oregon for a three-day break from working in the business so you can spend time working on the business. Owner Camp gives you the chance to connect with your peers to find solutions together. We take care of the planning and details, so you can focus on your business. And did we mention that it’s taking place in Bend, Oregon? We’ll work on an excursion or two to take in some of its amazing natural beauty and great culinary scene.

May 8–10: Digital Diversity Days at Seer | Register

The Bureau Community has been discussing the need for better diversity for a long time. And the conversation is important. But it’s only a step. While many of us understand the benefits of having diverse teams in our companies, cultures and communities, we struggle with creating a focused and sustainable initiative. That’s the mission of Digital Diversity Days at Seer, connecting diversity, equity and inclusion professionals with digital companies of all kinds who need guidance on making real strides in creating healthy environments for diverse teams. All proceeds from this event will go to the Bureau Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund.

July 19: Bureau Online Summit | Register

Back by popular demand, the Bureau Online Summit is designed for digital professionals of all kinds. This year we’ll be focusing on building great teams. We’ll cover key topics like maintaining stellar communication, creating the right environment for success, diversity, equity and inclusion, accountability practices and social sensitivity.

September 18–20: Design Leadership Days Seattle | Register

The design leadership movement has caught fire and there is no stopping it. So let’s celebrate the strides we’ve made and continue to educate ourselves and build community. Design Leadership Days Seattle is three days of connecting, sharing and learning like no other. Hot topics are sure to include: team structure models, growing a distributed team, recruiting, retention and onboarding, leadership skills and methodologies, design success metrics and selling the value of design. If you are a design leader, this is your event.

October 20–22: Digital PM Summit Orlando | Register

Building community is the Bureau’s mission, and no event has been more successful at accomplishing this than the Digital PM Summit. Learn how to keep your projects moving, clients happy, teams engaged and budgets intact. Best of all, you’ll make connections and gain access to an unparalleled community to support you in your career. And this year, we’ll be heading to Orlando to see Mickey and the gang. So why not bring the family or friends and stay a few extra days for sunshine and fun!

November 3–6 Women’s Leadership Camp San Francisco | Team Dynamics Workshop | Apply

It’s time to head to the heart of the tech scene for the second Women’s Leadership Camp. This is a chance for women in leadership positions in digital to gain fresh perspectives and strategize ways to accelerate growth and change while building a community of peers. A bonus workshop day will focus on improving team dynamics. Please apply early if you’re interested in joining us as this event fills up quickly.

November 6–8 Operations Camp San Francisco | Team Dynamics Workshop | Apply

It’s tough to gain traction and champion the good of the team when your view is narrowed to your own set of experiences or those of your company. Hearing from others who do the same thing you do every day helps you sort through your ideas and challenges, and avoid costly missteps. So let’s get together in San Francisco and fine-tune our operations together. Also come in early to join the Team Dynamics Workshop for some extra value!

December 8–11 Owner “Ski” Camp Banff | Apply

Want to get better at your business, while enjoying the splendor of the wilderness and taking some time for yourself? Join us for Owner “Ski” Camp Banff. Owner Camp gives you the space and fresh air you need for deep conversations and reflection, to uncover the best paths forward and implement change right away. And you can’t get great answers just sitting in a conference room, so we’ll spend the final day engaged in great discussions either on the slopes or by the fire with a hot toddy.

So there you have it, the 2019 Bureau of Digital event schedule. But this isn’t everything, there’s even more planned. So stay tuned. And as always, let us know how we can be of service.