Escape to Austin to Get the Answers You Need

Eager to connect with fellow owners, dig into your business and fix the things that are holding you back? Join us in Austin for our five-year anniversary. This year's Summit will hone in on the theme of being a better business. We'll focus on finance, legal, process, business development and other mission-critical aspects.

February 10–12, 2019
Workshop Day: February 10, 2019 • Summit: February 11–12, 2019
Renaissance Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas

Meet Our Speakers

Select a speaker below to learn more about the industry leaders who will be joining us for Owner Summit 2019.

Get ready for two full days of engaging keynote presentations, lightning talks, special sessions and networking. Make that three days if you add the three workshops!

Attendee Acclaim

What is Owner Summit like, and what will you get out of it? Here’s what a few 2018 attendees had to say…

“I was struck by how open, honest and welcoming the community was.”

“New relationships and the ‘hallway track.’ The Camp sessions are always valuable.”

“The realization that I’m not alone in my concerns/problems.”

“Wil’s very candid chat. It was super raw and insightful. But the most helpful was the breakout sessions—we really enjoyed learning from other companies our size, and being able to help others in our position.”

“There are too many to mention. I got something (sometimes many somethings) out of every session.”

“The entire experience was engaging and will help my business. But I found the breakout sessions to be most helpful, and will help not only my business, but me personally.”

“I was blown away by the honesty and vulnerability in Richard Banfield’s talk. 2017 was a hard year for me too and it was really nice to hear from others who emerged from some dark days. It also speaks to the strength of this community, which I'm incredibly grateful for.”

“The three sessions on Tuesday morning ROCKED. The legal role-playing was AWESOME!! The group sessions were amazing. The generous, supportive vibe seemed to really bloom from those.”

“The vulnerability and transparency that Richard Banfield shared about the true struggles of his business. We all felt that we could relate to his struggles. But he didn’t give up, he created and executed on his plan. His transparency encouraged many of us that this is the purpose behind the Bureau and just one of the values it gives digital owners today.”

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Location image via Renaissance Austin Hotel