Every year, the Bureau of Digital invites the Digital PM community to take part in two days of enlightening and inspiring presentations, interactive sessions, and social events that spark new professional connections and friendships. This year’s Digital PM Summit, which also happened to be our fifth, followed through on that invitation in spades.

If you weren’t in attendance, you were missed and we hope you can make it to a future Summit to experience the event and the community first-hand. If you’re looking for some follow-up, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for links to presentations, photos, our favorite tweets, and more.


The Presentations

Nineteen speakers from across the globe joined us in Las Vegas at the M Resort to present their ideas on a variety of DPM topics. Attendees participated in interactive sessions and regional breakout sessions where they broke into groups, discussed the DPM topic du jour, and best of all, shared ideas. There were also a handful of keynote presentations and a panel that simply blew us away with tips, tools, and tactics, as well as a whole lot of validating info about the role.

Links to slides from all of the presentations, interactive sessions, and the workshop are below:

Brett Harned, The State of Digital PM

Amanda Costello, How Silos Learn

Suzanna Haworth, The Art of Managing Expectations

Dave Prior, Hacking Agile

Betty Chan, Nice PMs Finish First: How Kindness Pays Off

Peta Kennett-Wilson, Money, Money, Money

Sam Barnes, It’s All About The Little Things

Martijn van Tilburg, A 10,000ft View of Getting Things Done

Meghan McInerny, Level Up: Project Management as a Leadership Role

Dan Brown, A Problem, A Vision, A Plan: Three Core Outcomes of Discovery

Abby Fretz, The Bee In All of Us: Learning Efficient, Democratic Decision Making From Insect Groups

Greg Ryder, The 2-Minute Rule

Joanna Leigh Simon, How Are We Doing? Measuring Project Success

Rob Harr, Putting People Back Into Projects

Sharon Steed, Herding Cats: Positive and Effective Communication Within Chaos

Brett Harned, Digital PM Workshop: Facing Common Project Challenges

The Community

We say it a lot because we mean it: these events would be nothing without the amazing community behind them. It’s all about the people who come and truly participate, take learnings back home, and want to continue the conversations in our Slack channels.

We also made a short video with the help of our community. In case you missed it, check it out now:

The Celebration

A fifth anniversary wouldn’t be complete without party hats and cake! On the first full evening of the conference, we hosted a social event at the Hostile Grape onsite at the M Resort. There was food, drink, and a photo booth complete with a sparkly background and goofy props. Oh, and did we mention that cake? Take a peek at some of the photos:


We Got Social

Five years ago, it was like pulling teeth getting our first-ever Digital PM Summit attendees to join Twitter, let alone tweet! Believe it or not, we had slides practically begging attendees to join twitter and use the platform as a place to connect and share. Five years in and it’s less of a struggle. There was a great level of engagement on Twitter and Instagram at #dpm2017. Here are just a few of our favorite tweets from attendees and speakers:

See You in 2018!

People always want to know where the next event is before we wrap up the current one! Well, that makes us at the Bureau of Digital feel great. We're headed to Memphis for 2018. Join us!