In 2012, 25 digital professionals came together in Portland, Oregon to share what was working, what wasn’t and to figure out how we could best support one another. Today, the Bureau is still going strong with that same spirit.

The only difference? Our potential.

As we’ve grown, the Bureau community has more potential than ever before. More collective expertise. More shared experiences. More great and innovative ideas that can—and will—change the industry as a whole. We can work together to have greater visibility, share knowledge to improve how we run our teams and organizations and connect with trusted collaborators and peers.

And when it comes to support? We’ve seen amazing things. Bureau shops avoiding layoffs because other shops in the community were able to utilize their team. Companies coming together to win projects together that they wouldn’t have gotten individually. And dozens of collaborations a year based on specialized technologies, skills or industry knowledge. All of this builds tremendous goodwill and confidence.

We’re constantly being asked how people can be more involved and support the Bureau. Membership is that chance. If the Bureau has positively impacted your career or team, membership is a way to give back, while enjoying some sweet perks in return. We have three different annual membership levels starting at $199, so you can choose the level and benefits that best fit your goals and organization.

The Bureau is so much more than we ever hoped it could be. And we wouldn’t be able to do what we do every day without your support. Thank you for making this community possible.