Logos are weird. Ask designers, strategists, entrepreneurs and consumers what the purpose of a logo is and you’ll get a bunch of scattered thoughts that don’t quite connect. 


That’s because logos are more emotional than logical. If you’ve ever worked on a logo for a client you know that all the discovery in the world won’t hit the mark. It will help, but ultimately, it’s a feeling that the client has. And the same for the consumer. And, if you were like me, you backed into a rationale as to why it was the right direction.

From the early days, the Bureau has had this epic shield logo that I love. It was originally designed by an awesome illustrator Brian Basher. And it always worked for me. The idea of individuals coming together to help each other and protect each other worked with the pixelated squares coming together to form a shield. I told you I could back into a rationale, and this one may be the actual one. I wasn’t part of the process, but I love the results.

Over time the Bureau started reaching new types of digital leaders and we always created a new color for each shield. It was fun and meant something to us. And while we could have kept heading down this path… something was bothering me.

By color coding each discipline, we were building walls between the groups in how we thought about the Bureau. And many of the people in the community belonged to several of the groups. Walls are no good.


Combine this with our ongoing mission to create a diverse and inclusive community and a new variation of the mark came into view. 

By adding all the colors into the shield it reminds us every day that the Bureau is made up of wonderfully different and passionate people working to help each other. It also creates an energy and sense of movement that keeps me going every day.

So yeah, logos are emotional. And when we see the multicolor shield, it embodies that sense of the Bureau as a vibrant and loving community. We hope you feel it too.