No matter how your digital studio began, you are now a CEO. This is a welcome job title for some, but daunting for others. Either way, you are now running a full-fledged studio and managing a group of people. Understanding how to lead well is an essential key to success. How should you lead your digital studio? How do you work “on” the business while working “in” the business? How do you make the business less dependent on you? How can you share the burdens and benefits of being an owner? How do you keep your employees engaged and active in your vision?

Enjoy this session from Owner Summit 2017, where Traci Barrett from Navigate the Journey will share some of the best practices of leadership, how to align your people to your vision and hope for your agency, and how to embrace your role as head of your organization.

Join us for Owner Summit 2019 February 10–12 in Austin! 

Traci Barrett at Owner Summit 2017