Natalie Semczuk

Natalie Semczuk is a remote and contract Project Manager based in Upstate New York. She graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute after studying graphic design and receiving her Master’s in Science, Technology, and Society. While there, she became fascinated with the ways that technology allows us to communicate. Since graduating, Natalie has worked in the web industry and now advises growing agencies in creating new processes while managing remote teams of designers and web developers.

Prior to working as a full-time freelancer, Natalie worked for a large paper manufacturer as well as a small agency. In doing so, she gained experience in both the client and client-facing service team roles. Utilizing her 5 years of both agency and in-house digital project knowledge and experience, Natalie helps her teams work through through complex, development-heavy projects.

Natalie’s side projects are focused around community-building, including DPMUpstate, Troy CoWorks, and the less-serious blogs PM Reactions and Cat Photos From My Mom.

Natalie enjoys dystopian fiction, yoga, talking about cats on Twitter, and drinking too much coffee. Follow her on Twitter at @talkanatalka and check out her personal website.




Manage Your Remote Team

October 12th | 1:30 PM

Managing a remote team requires project managers to think differently about project needs and team communication. This session is meant for PMs currently managing a remote team, interested in hiring/managing a remote team, or PMs who are new to working with a remote team.

Key topics in this session will include:

  • What to expect from a remote team
  • Managing a remote team
  • Being a part of a remote team
  • Advantages and disadvantages to remote teams
  • Issues that are a part of remote teams (and how to overcome these)
  • Communicating effectively with remote teams
  • Evaluating remote teams
  • Tools that make remote work easier