Tom Barrett


Tom Barrett is the CEO of Navigate the Journey. When owners of entrepreneurial firms are held back by growth-stopping complexity, Tom helps them and their leadership teams to create and implement plans to get what they want from their business and life.

He is driven by a passion to see entrepreneurial leaders succeed. Tom first comes alongside business owners to understand the specific issues that are preventing them from achieving greater success. He then enables leaders to succeed by identifying the few areas their company must focus on to achieve greater success.

Tom utilizes a number of powerful and proven processes to help business leaders succeed, including implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) to gain Traction®, facilitating StratOp strategic planning workshops and facilitating LifePlan for individuals.

Get in touch with Tom:

Twitter: @Tom_Barrett_


What Is Your Role as an Owner & How Should You Run Your Business?


Did you start out as a designer or developer with the innate entrepreneurial gift to start a business, and now you look around to find you are the “CEO” of an agency? What does that title mean? What is your job description?

How do you run your business with clarity, consistency and accountability, shaking off imposter syndrome to be the leader your team needs? Do you have a simple, yet effective framework in which to operate your agency?

Through this workshop, Tom and Traci Barrett will:

  • Inspire you to go from being a good leader to a great leader

  • Help you find your own personal “why” as an owner to lead with confidence

  • Give you tips and techniques for creating a healthy and successful team

  • Teach you the six components necessary for running your business:

    • Vision: Getting everyone 100% on the same page about where the business is heading, and how to get there

    • People: You can’t achieve a great vision without great people

    • Data: Determine the right set of objective predictive lead measures to run your business on

    • Issues: Continually identify, discuss and solve the most critical issues facing your business

    • Process: Scale your business by documenting core processes

    • Traction: Create a healthy culture of discipline and accountability where everyone is focused on their most important priorities

Please note: This workshop is one of three workshops included in the Summit + Workshop Combo ticket or Workshop Day ticket. Please purchase your workshop ticket to join this session.