Aaron Irizarry


Aaron aka “Ron” is the Head of Design for Commercial Card at Capital One.  He loves all things user experience, problem solving and design process. Having worked for Fox/IGN, HP, Nasdaq and now Capital One, Aaron loves sinking his teeth into complex problems. Aaron speaks at events and provides training for companies on design team structure, communication and collaboration. He is the co-author of Discussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration through Critique.

More importantly, Aaron is a master of the BBQ arts, lover of heavy metal and a lifelong Dodgers fan. You can follow his ramblings here.



Laying the Groundwork: Building Foundations for High-Performing Teams

10:00 am, Thursday, SEPTEMBER 6
Guest House Theater

As our field grows, technology advances and users develop new expectations for the products they use, we are challenged to build teams that produce best-in-class products and services.

When you look at what it takes to build successful, high-performing teams, you see that our opportunity for success doesn’t solely lie in the skills we hire for. We set a foundation for successful outcomes by building a foundation for our teams to do their best work and be their best selves.

Of course, this sounds idealistic, and is often easier said than done. The organizations and clients we work for/with vary culturally from project to project, sometimes varying within different lines of business in a company. The environment in which we work can, and will, impact the output of our teams.

In this talk, Aaron will share thoughts, tools and techniques (gathered from personal success and failures) for building teams that perform at a high level without high anxiety.

This talk will provide you with practical ways to:

  • Create a foundation for your teams to do their best work

  • Build strong partnerships with cross-functional teams

  • Increase team communication and collaboration

  • Create a shared vision that supports team member autonomy in decision-making and execution

  • Deal with conflict within teams and with partners (navigating workplace politics)