The Bureau of Digital 2019 Digital Services Salary Report

How do digital services firms compensate their employees and owners, and how does that compensation relate to overall profitability and revenue growth?

To surface insights, we’ve partnered with Promethean Research to survey digital shops across North America and beyond. The resulting 2019 Digital Services Salary Report is the most complete compensation survey for digital services that we’re aware of.

Key report findings include:

  • Average salaries are highest at large firms ($78k) and lowest at small firms ($63k).

  • The highest U.S. salaries were seen in the Northeast at $86K, while the lowest average salaries were in the South region at $72K. 

  • Remote employees were almost twice as experienced as their in-office counterparts. 

  • The average turnover rate for companies in our survey was 24% in 2018. 

  • For firms that provide “unlimited PTO” the average number of days taken by employees in 2018 was 19.5. 

Download the Salary Report Preview

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Inside the preview, you’ll find data on:

  • Employee salaries, non-salary compensation and benefits

  • Expected firm growth and headcount increases

  • Industries served

  • Service offerings

  • Employee turnover rate

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Looking for even more insights? The full 2019 Digital Services Salary Report contains nearly 75 pages of findings including charts, tables and data on salaries by role, owner compensation, expected billable hours and more. Purchase the report for $149, or gain access when you sign up as a Connect or Lead member.