Better Together


From the very first event in 2012, the Bureau's focus has been on building community in the digital industry. Especially where it didn't exist before. Most of us—who are Owners, Operators, Digital PMs, Creative Directors and other specialized roles—had to learn on the job.

Now there's an opportunity for all of us to take what we've learned and share it to make each of us, and the web industry, even better. It's the Bureau Online Community. 

Although we're just starting out, expect to find conversations, content and resources focused on the work you do as well as a directory of other members and agencies to connect with and follow. Most importantly, you'll have a growing community of peers to offer support and advice.


What should I expect if I join?

When you join the Bureau Online Community, you'll find:

  • A resource library with links to nearly 500 tools, books, articles and other resources from the community
  • Primary research on the industry (starting with 2016 State of the Industry report in mid-February)
  • Monthly Webinars on topics you help select
  • Collaboration opportunities with other digital professionals
  • Directories making it easy to find both members and agencies
  • 10% off Bureau Camps and Summits with annual subscription (does not apply to monthly subscription)
  • Other digital professionals to connect with

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Who's already joined? Meet the Founders Club.

The Bureau has been a giving community from the beginning. When the idea of an online community came up, the 18 digital agencies below and 120 individuals immediately offered their support. Without their help, the Bureau Online Community wouldn't be possible. We call these cool cats the Founders Club.

We'd love to have you join the more than 200 digital professionals already in the Bureau Online Community. If you have any questions, please contact us at

We'd also like to thank our wonderful community sponsor!