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Jen Maceyko

I could never have gotten to where I am today without the knowledge and sharing that’s come out of the Bureau Community.

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Upcoming Events

Owner Camp 015

The Bureau event that started it all. Owner Camp is an immersive three-day retreat for digital/creative studio owners. It's an opportunity to share your victories and lay your fears on the table. It's a realization you're not alone. It's eye opening.

Join us November 12-15, 2017 in Sonoma Valley, California.

Operations Camp 006

Operations Camp is where we take everything a digital studio is, put it in a box, and flip it over. We reconstruct everything using the collective knowledge and know-how of some of the best studio operators around.

Join us December 3-6, 2017 in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Coming Back in 2018!

Design Leadership Camp 002

Design finally has a seat at the table, but like many of us, you probably didn’t study business management in school. There is no better way to get up to speed than by connecting with the people facing the same challenges you do every single day.

Creative Director Camp 004


You're part mentor, part mediator. You need to be convincing, but with compassion. You have to do what's right for the client, even if it causes you enormous heartburn. You're a Creative Director.

Digital PM Camp 003

DPM Camp is where we’ll discuss all things digital project management. Attendees come from digital agencies of all sizes as well as big brands, universities and not-for-profits.

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In this episode of the Bureau Briefing, Willie Jackson shares his thoughts on why we need to get past the concept of diversity and move forward with a focus on inclusion. 

Every year there are digital agencies that are having their best year ever and holding on as their companies experience rapid growth. At the same time there are shops that are struggling and are convinced that the sky is falling.

Articles from bureau shops

Enjoy these articles from shops in the Bureau Community:
Educating Our Clients Or Educating Ourselves?
Discover. Learn. Elevate.
KPIs You Should Track for Your Small Business

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the bureau briefing

You'll dig The Bureau Briefing, our very own podcast. Each episode, we talk to a member of the Bureau of Digital community doing awesome, inspiring things.

Popula Episodes

Hacking Agile with Dave Prior
"They sat me down, and they stood in a circle, and one of them looked at me and said, 'Dude, you've gotta stop with this waterfall crap.'"


Business Development with Joe Rinaldi
In the early days of web design, there was more work than any one shop could handle. Everyone was super selective on the clients they took, and project focused. 

Soft Skills with Peta Kennett-Wilson
Soft skills are rarely discussed in the process focused world of digital project management. But when you spend time understanding the team and the client as humans, an amazing thing can happen.

Back to the Basics with Sam Barnes
They call them "the basics". Little, innocuous things that don't seem to really matter. But they do. In fact, something as simple as sending an acknowledgment email to an important message can make all the difference

the bureau blog

Recent Posts


Living with Ghosts: How to Deal with a Client Who Left You Hanging
"Ghosting, flaking, vanishing - whatever you want to call it, I think we can all agree that it is a pretty uncool thing to do."

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 3.16.22 PM.png

Sound Advice for Digital Project Managers
“At the end of the day we are managing and working with people. Study and understand human nature and the way people work."

The Great Debate: Time & Materials Versus Value Pricing
"Agencies make their money in the margins and when making estimations using T&M, those margins tend to be razor thin. The slightest misestimation eats into those margins."

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.00.02 PM.png

Top Challenges Digital PMs Face at Work  
"While hard project skills are necessary to our jobs, they themselves are insufficient to deliver truly amazing projects.”

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