Josh Zapin

Josh is an operations leader and project manager vet from Boulder, Colorado. He’s the founder of Corvus3, a crafty agency consultancy geared to improve operations fast.

Ever since he was a little boy, Josh was obsessed with how things work and how to make them better. From watching a video of how crayons are made during an episode of  Mister Rogers Neighborhood, to taking apart broken toys, fixing them, and putting them back together again, Josh obsessed over the details on how the individual parts are put together make it into one remarkable thing.

So, it was only natural when Josh started his career during the Internet Boom of the mid 1990s, that he channel this obsession into burgeoning world of digital, consumer facing, applications. For nearly 20 years, Josh’s obsession has led him to foster executional excellence for organizations and projects both large and small. Josh implements systems, practices and processes rooted in the notion that great things can only be made from great people and an organization's primary responsibility is to nurture them and enable excellence.

Josh takes pride in his ability to articulate his ideas and is right at home leading client meetings, training sessions and workshops. He a faculty member at Boulder Digital Workand has presented to a number of large audiences, including conferences such as Internet Retailer. He is also the leader of both the cky Mountain Digital Project Manager group and the Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group where he helps to foster the community of people who make things happen in the world of technology.

Josh has a broad base of experience that includes clients such as: Volkswagen, American Express, Crocs, JCPenney, The Athlete’s Foot, Maxtor, IBM, CBS Sports, and Steamboat Ski Company. 



End Resource Management Smackdowns: How To Make Allocating a Breeze

October 13th | 2:30 PM

Digital Project Managers are masters of getting things done without doing “anything:”  They take talented resources, enable them to work together so seamlessly that the sum is much greater than the parts.

That said, figuring out who is doing what and when is one the supreme challenges of an agency.  Resource conflicts are inevitable and, often, chaotic.   

During this session, we will explore the problem provide some tangible solutions by looking at the people, processes and tools that need to be leveraged to get this done.