Yvette Pegues

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Yvette Pegues is an Ed.D. Candidate, former IBM Networking/Cloud Engineer and Technical Project Manager turned Worldwide Program Delivery Manager, Corporate Disability/Diversity Consultant, sought after International Educational/Inspirational Speaker, Special Populations Trainer, Published Author, Disability Advocate, ADA Advisor and Product/Brand Ambassador. She is most proud of the intersections of her Faith, Family and Philanthropy. After a life-changing Traumatic Brain/Spinal Cord injury, she was able to align her technology with her disability to became an adaptive athlete advocate and support volunteer across all disabilities. She is a master storyteller, unafraid to use her tragedies to enlighten, educate & encourage others! Learn more at www.YvettePegues.com



The Intersection Between Technology, Humanity and Social Responsibility: Managing for an Inclusive Project Solution

9:00 am, Thursday, SEPTEMBER 6
Guest House Theater

Culture is an ecosystem and diversity is the air we breathe. As such, how a project team cultivates its culture impacts the entire project, client relations and end-user experience. Therefore, intersecting architecture with technology, humanity with social responsibility and abilities with assets pivots the solution in the direction of inclusive access to systems, SLA’s and SOP’s with minimal disruption to the fragile ecosystem being built. This session will demonstrate how strategic advocacy pivots the solution to find a productive way forward for all.

In this session you will learn to:

  • Be “Hard on the problem, soft on the people” when building an Inclusive Project Team

  • Create building blocks for strategic advocacy and harmony on a multi-ability project solution

  • Master necessary skills to leverage team player abilities and assets

  • Leverage full-disclosure for harmony in a harsh environment

  • Avoid zero-sum distractions at the project's expense