Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Sara Wachter-Boettcher runs a content strategy consultancy based in Philadelphia, where she helps organizations like The Home Depot, Harvard, Trek Bikes, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grapple with messy content problems—like adapting to responsive design, consolidating fragmented sites, or migrating to a new CMS. She is also the editor in chief of A List Apart magazine and the author of Content Everywhere, a book that helps content professionals, designers, and others create flexible, mobile-friendly content systems. You can find her at sarawb.comor on Twitter at @sara_ann_marie.


Managing the Content Process 

October 13th | 11:00 AM

Content’s a funny beast: it's both part of our web projects, and outside of them. You need to define your strategy and work with real content during the design process, and also prepare people for all the implications of your decisions: rewriting, reorganizing, archiving, migrating, and a million other tasks that take time, skill, and planning—not to mention all the stuff people will post and change after launch. 

But you’re a project manager, not an everything-all-the-time manager. How can you guide all that content work that exists beyond your project’s boundaries without losing sight of your scope? In this talk, you’ll learn how to create a parallel process for content—one where the content decisions made within the design process are vetted against real-world constraints, and where PMs can rally the right people at the right time to keep content on track.