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Day 2 Welcome

Guest House Theater


Yvette Pegues

The Intersection Between Technology, Humanity and Social Responsibility: Managing for an Inclusive Project Solution

Guest House Theater


Culture is an Ecosystem and Diversity is the air we breathe. As such, how a Project Team cultivates it’s culture impacts the entire project, client relations and end-user experience. Therefore, intersecting architecture with technology, humanity with social responsibility and abilities with assets pivots the solution in the direction of inclusive access to systems, SLA’s and SOP’s with minimal disruption to the fragile ecosystem being built. This session will demonstrate how strategic advocacy pivots the solution to find a productive way forward for all.


  • Be “Hard on the problem, soft on the people” when building an Inclusive Project Team

  • Create building blocks for strategic advocacy and harmony on a multi-ability project solution

  • Master necessary skills to leverage team player abilities and assets

  • Leverage full-disclosure for harmony in a harsh environment

  • Avoid zero-sum distractions at the project's expense


Aaron Irizarry

Laying the Groundwork: Building Foundations for High-Performing Teams

Guest House Theater

As our field grows, technology advances and users develop new expectations for the products they use, we are challenged to build teams that produce best-in-class products and services.

When you look at what it takes to build successful, high-performing teams, you see that our opportunity for success doesn’t solely lie in the skills we hire for. We set a foundation for successful outcomes by building a foundation for our teams to do their best work and be their best selves.

Of course, this sounds idealistic, and is often easier said than done. The organizations and clients we work for/with vary culturally from project to project, sometimes varying within different lines of business in a company. The environment in which we work can, and will, impact the output of our teams.

In this talk, Aaron will share thoughts, tools and techniques (gathered from personal success and failures) for building teams that perform at a high level without high anxiety.


  • Create a foundation for your teams to do their best work

  • Build strong partnerships with cross-functional teams

  • Increase team communication and collaboration

  • Create a shared vision that supports team member autonomy in decision-making and execution

  • Deal with conflict within teams and with partners (navigating workplace politics)

11:00-11:45 - Lightning Talks

Each year, the Digital PM Summit welcomes three new speakers to the main stage to present rapid-fire, 10-minute presentations. This year, we've selected three DPM community members to present on topics that are new, exciting, and quite personal to our speakers. 

Patrice Embry

Lightning Talk #1:
Finessing a Retrospective to Get Results

Guest House Theater


Wrapping up a project usually entails creating a post-mortem retrospective to find out what worked, what didn’t work, and what learnings you should take to the next project. In theory, it works great! In practice, retrospectives can make people feel defensive and unsure, or just be ignored completely. The key is to know how to finesse the information to get the results you want while keeping your team motivated.


  • Use your retrospective to get meaningful insights

  • Present those insights to get real results, without negativity


Ian Cox

Lightning Talk #2:
Getting Ready to Lead a Connected Product Project

Guest House Theater


As software and hardware continue their convergence into wearables, autonomous cars and connected homes, digital project managers need to prepare for the complexities of delivering these products. If you haven't delivered a software project with a hardware component (or visa versa) already, you probably will in the next two years. In this lightning talk, Ian will share insights and best practices he has developed while learning about and delivering connected products for his clients.


  • A quick overview on why Connected Product Projects are unique

  • What to look out for and how to plan

  • Realistic steps to up your IoT game so you can be integral on the next project


Lynn Winter

Lightning Talk #3:
PM Burnout: The Struggle Is Real

Guest House Theater


It's a well-known fact that the role of project management is filled by a unique type of person. We have the ability to juggle every ball, see into the future, and always put others first…or more appropriately, put ourselves last. We are the first ones in, the last ones out, and, if needed, work all night to make sure everything will run smoothly the next day. But at what cost? During this talk we will explore what it means to find a healthy balance. What warning signs are staring us in the face and what options we have to address them. The PM position should not require a loss of work/life balance and it’s our role as a community to redefine that perception. After all, life is too short to be miserable. I should know, I was once that person.

In this session we’ll explore:

  • What burnout really looks like (verses really good PM hustle)

  • Warning signs that enough is enough

  • Tactics we can use to set boundaries and make a permanent change





Breakout Sessions


It's time to sit down and talk, and meet attendees who come from similar companies, and manage similar projects to yours. We'll assign each attendee a breakout room based on your registration information. Our moderators will walk these groups through conversation topics including DPM tools, challenges, communication tactics, planning, and others. The goal for these sessions is to share your thoughts, challenges, and ideas with others and gain some input on how to be a better DPM while extending your professional network.

3:00-4:15 - Interactive Sessions

Our interactive sessions provide an opportunity to dig deeper on topics that are important to you, as all session options include a mix of presentation, discussion, and interactive exercises. You'll select one session to attend during this time. 

Suzanna Haworth

Adapting Agile: How to Make a Blended Agile Approach Work For You

rock MEETING room


We’re all a little methodology obsessed in the DPM world, specifically when it comes to Agile and Scrum. Everybody talks about working more Agile, being more Agile, or implementing Scrum, with the stand-ups, retrospectives and sprints. These are all the buzzwords that clients, stakeholders, and even we all mention and use in our everyday work lives. However, Agile in its truest sense is something that can be difficult to fully implement within your teams, from an organizational, client and project perspective.

In this interactive workshop, Suze will be taking you through three lesser-known Agile methodologies and processes: Lean, Kanban and Dual-Track. You’ll be looking at ways you can implement some of the best practices and ideas from these on your projects, without having to go through a large scale organizational transformation or follow one strict process. You’ll be looking at how these ideas work within different areas of your projects, including UX, strategy, design and development, and how you can integrate and blend different methods to help your projects really succeed.


  • Explore the principles and benefits of Lean, Kanban and Dual-Track

  • Discuss and workshop practical ways in which these principles can be applied

  • Create ways to implement these practices specifically within your teams and on your projects, as part of a blended process

Josh Barrett

Gabe Levine

Bureau Standard Form of Agreement: SOW Edition for DPMs

ballroom c


So the contract is signed and the project has started! Just toss the contract in a drawer and get to work? Not so fast….

In this workshop, Josh Barrett and Gabe Levine will use the model SOW accompanying the Bureau Standard Form of Agreement to provide practical advice for DPM’s, including how to draft and use the SOW to better manage projects and navigate difficult client situations. Through real world examples (and your questions), Josh and Gabe will arm you with the info you need to make best use of the Bureau’s Standard Form of SOW.


  • Learn the key elements of any SOW

  • Understand how the SOW can minimize scope creep and uncompensated work

  • Develop strategies for using the SOW to keep projects on track

  • Identify language to use in specific situations

The Complete Guide to Estimating & Planning Digital Projects

ballroom D


Whether you're new to digital project management or you're a veteran with a pro team, estimating and planning projects can be extraordinarily difficult. Never mind estimating and planning when your process is constantly changing...that can add a whole new level of confusion. That's why we need a complete guide to getting these critical DPM deliverables right. In this session, Brett will present simple ways to break down complex projects or opportunities and work through some interactive exercises to help you understand the level of effort and time needed to complete any project.

In this session you'll:

  • Define your project methodology (even if it's not strict Waterfall or Agile)

  • Find ways to create estimates for any type of project, using any methodology (or combination of methodologies)

  • Learn best practices for planning projects

  • Gain tips and tactics for estimating and planning your projects collaboratively with your team

Shahina Patel

Post-its and DPMs: Solving Project Problems with UX Methods

Guest House Theater


The field of user experience has led the way in developing fun and effective ways to identify and solve design problems, like empathy mapping, user journeys, prototyping, and even simple sketching. This session will walk you through some of these tools and techniques and teach you how to confidently apply them across all parts of your work as a digital project manager. All you’ll need after this session is a problem to solve and some well-chosen stationery.


  • Facilitation techniques that will help you get the most out of any type of collaboration - from daily stand ups and meetings to all-day workshops

  • Interactive and creative methods to generate shared understanding and gain alignment between different stakeholders and team members

  • How to spot opportunities in your own organization to think differently and approach people and process-based problems in new ways


Meghan McInerny

The Ride or Die PM

Guest House Theater



Keeping a project team and client organized and on-track are critical to our success as project managers. But, to-do lists and tasks don't get most of us out of bed in the morning — we want to think bigger and add more value. Good news! We’re in a perfect position to do just that. In this talk, we’ll explore how our foundational talents and skills as project managers set us up to be strategic, ride or die partners with our clients, teams, and organizations. Also, Vin Diesel.


Summit Wrap-Up

Guest House Theater


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