Stephen Thomas

Stephen has been managing digital projects since 2004. Initially specialising in e-learning, he now works with a variety of clients on diverse projects that range from small mobile apps to large-scale social networks. Based at the award-winning Oxford agency, White October, he is also one of the founders of the DOxPM meetup.

He’s spoken at DPM:UK 15 and in May of 2015, he programmed and compered The Big Do conference. He has a passion for promoting knowledge sharing and learning within the DPM community and is thrilled to be stateside this year.

Check out Stephen's personal site and DOPM Meetup site, and follow him on Twitter at @dubaussi.


Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads

October 13th | 2:30 PM

Have you ever found yourself working with an amazing team, on a project full of potential only to somehow find yourself ‘locked’ into a backwards way of working?

As PMs we’re charged with delivering successful projects but sometimes we have a bad hand to play right from the start. Adding creativity, flexibility and innovation to contracts can allow for a fresh perspective and whole new project dynamic to evolve... It doesn’t just stop at contracts though. Through analyzing what you do at a day-to-day level you can begin to automate some of the more negative aspects of the job and focus more on where you add real value. 

Digital PM is a job title didn’t exist seventy years ago and there’s a reasonable chance that it won’t exist seventy years from now. Rather than fearing any change, we, as Digital PMs, should be embracing it.  We are the most equipped profession to harness the new opportunities that arise from a rapidly shifting digital landscape.