Suzy Bates

Suzy Bates is the Director of Projects at Four Kitchens. She has experienced all sides of the website building world from being a consultant, client, Project Manager, Project Owner, Internal IT and Implementation Engineer. 

Lately Suzy has been leading a team of five project managers and product owners at Four Kitchens to deliver projects large and small. Process improvement and tools are her (work) hobby. Suzy works from a shed in the backyard of her home in Austin Texas and only allows communication via texts from her teenagers during the day.


Thoughts from the Shed: Benefits and Challenges of Managing A Remote Team Remotely

October 14th | 3:00 PM

Empowering your team to meet their goals is hard enough, now try to do it from a shed. When Four Kitchens went remote, Suzy moved her project management practice from a traditional office to a shed in her yard. In this session, you'll learn what she needed to change, what she didn’t, and how it made her stronger as a PM.

We will be discussing what elements of being a project manager translate well to a fully remote environment and some that don’t. How do you translate your success with a co-located team to success with a remote team? What do you need to adjust in order to remain an effective manager for your team and your stakeholders?

Shifting to a distributed model can raise new challenges and new opportunities. We will be discussing the right working environment for you personally with tips to avoid loneliness and resist distractions. We will be discussing engagement with your team and stakeholders through video conferencing, email, and chat. Finally, the psychology of human interactions and how to not lose that aspect of engagement through digital interactions.

In this Session you’ll learn:

  • Tips for engaging with your team remotely
  • Challenges and improvements that come with working remotely
  • Tools and how best to use them
  • Psychology of human interactions and how to engage when you are disconnected