Suzanna Haworth


Suze Haworth is a Freelance Digital Project Director in London. She has been in the industry over 13 years, moving through the ranks from her early days in account management before seeing the light, and realizing her true calling for project management. Suze has managed projects for all sorts of brands and organisations, including the likes of IKEA, BBC, WaterAid, Channel 4, Lipton Tea, Esso, SEAT, Specsavers, HSBC and Mozilla.

Suze has worked across all types of projects, including digital transformations, large scale web builds, and design systems. Along the way she has led numerous teams and transformed their ways of working, implementing agile principles and making sure processes work effectively without becoming a burden. She is a certified ScrumMaster, an international conference speaker, a blogger for various sites and a member of the DPM Expert Panel for The Digital Project Manager. When she’s not managing and talking about digital stuff (and creating numerous Google spreadsheets), she likes to fuel her obsessions with travel, mountains and coffee.

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Adapting Agile: How to Make a Blended Agile Approach Work For You

3:00 pm, Thursday, SEPTEMBER 6

We’re all a little methodology obsessed in the DPM world, specifically when it comes to Agile and Scrum. Everybody talks about working more Agile, being more Agile, or implementing Scrum, with the stand-ups, retrospectives and sprints. These are all the buzzwords that clients, stakeholders, and even we all mention and use in our everyday work lives. However, Agile in its truest sense is something that can be difficult to fully implement within your teams, from an organizational, client and project perspective.

In this interactive workshop, Suze will be taking you through three lesser-known Agile methodologies and processes: Lean, Kanban and Dual-Track. You’ll be looking at ways you can implement some of the best practices and ideas from these on your projects, without having to go through a large scale organizational transformation or follow one strict process. You’ll be looking at how these ideas work within different areas of your projects, including UX, strategy, design and development, and how you can integrate and blend different methods to help your projects really succeed.

In this session you’ll:

  • Explore the principles and benefits of Lean, Kanban and Dual-Track

  • Discuss and workshop practical ways in which these principles can be applied

  • Create ways to implement these practices specifically within your teams and on your projects, as part of a blended process