Suzanna Haworth

Suzanna Haworth

Suze Haworth is freelance senior digital project manager in London. Previously she was Global Senior Project Manager at Tribal Worldwide in London. She has over 10 years’ experience working in agencies, moving through the ranks from her early days in account management before seeing the light, and realizing her true calling for project management. She now leads teams on all sorts of digital and web builds, ranging from social campaigns and digital media to large and complex websites.

Suze has managed projects for clients like the BBC, WaterAid, Channel 4, Esso, Lipton Tea, SEAT and Mozilla, to name just a few. She is a certified ScrumMaster, a regular conference speaker, and can also be found posting blogs online. When she’s not managing and talking about digital things (and creating numerous Google spreadsheets), she likes to fuel her obsessions with mountains and coffee. 



But I Wanted a Unicorn: The Art of Managing Expectations

Monday, October 16 | 10:00-10:45
Milan Ballroom

Every project manager has faced this: You set a scope of work, outline deliverables, and even talk through the expectations in great detail at kick-off. You leave satisfied that the stakeholders "get it," yet somewhere down the line you find them wanting something completely different to what you’ve built, and disappointed with the outcome. Your team becomes demotivated and you end up not knowing which way to turn.

In this presentation, Suze will help you to unlock the secrets of getting your stakeholders to actually listen, make sure the right expectations are set in the right way consistently throughout the project, and not end up with disappointment in a mismatched product. She’ll take you through team expectations, and how to keep motivation high, frustration low, and importantly how to manage your own expectations so you don’t end up tearing your hair out.

In this session you will delve in to:

  • Why you can’t always rely on a document alone
  • How to make people listen (and remember)
  • The holy grail of technical expectation management
  • How to ensure your team’s needs are met
  • Keeping your own expectations realized