Lori Gold Patterson


Lori co-founded Pixo, a software engineering consulting firm, in 1998. Since then, the staff size has grown from 3 to 33 people. A Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Illinois, Lori brings the experience of working in corporate management to the entrepreneurial adventure of being the business mind behind a team of bright software engineers and creatives at Pixo.

Bored after one semester of psychology in college, she eavesdropped on an advanced calc course and immediately was determined to study “whatever they were doing in that classroom.” Thus, Lori became an engineer.

She spent the first 10 years of her career in corporate America working for Andersen Consulting (Accenture) in Chicago before she was hired away by Caterpillar to head up a 20 person product development team and then moved on to join Solo Cup for five years where she re-engineered processes and products throughout the company. 

At each company she found herself in executive management with a vantage point to observe the ineffectiveness of impersonal, discriminatory management styles. She left large corporate America to create a different kind of business environment based on unconditional respect and trust and one that, even in a highly competitive industry, would provide a place where she and a diverse body of employees could achieve greatness without compromising their values and their families. This experiment has proven that work-life balance and success can go hand in hand.

Being raised enmeshed in the black community and raising three racially and religiously diverse children with her childhood sweetheart of 34 years, Lori has a somewhat unique perspective on cultural inclusion. She brings this perspective into the operations of her company and the consulting she does for hundreds of startups and established organizations. 

Lori chaired the local Business Association, the county‘s Economic Development Corporation and is a new member of the Delta Dental of Illinois Board of Trustees. Lori received the Woman on the Rise award from the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, the Entrepreneurial Excellence in Management Award, the Athena Award, and in 2016 Lori was celebrated as the Entrepreneur of the Year in her county.


Throneless Mindset

February 22, 2017 | 4:30 PM

Ever make a decision that doesn't go so well, only to hear that someone in your organization had knowledge or an opinion that would have saved you from the bad decision?

Throneless Mindset dismantles hierarchical respect and fosters a company culture that empowers everyone to take action toward achieving these goals.