Tim Tuttle

Tim Tuttle is the Executive Director of 40Digits, a digital agency based in Kansas City and Springfield, MO.

One of the agency’s first developers, Tim now serves 40Digits’ international client roster through his experience in managing day-to-day and strategic operations, coordinating and championing 40Digits’ approach to open-book management and financials, and overall ensuring the highest standards of quality and professionalism.  With his leadership, 40Digits has grown from 4 to 44 employees in a short five years.

When not furthering 40Digits’ research, experience design, and development services, Tim can be found boating and enjoying himself on the lake or golf course.


The Processes and Tools You Use to Run Your Business

February 9, 2016 | 3:00 PM

Every business owner has a unique combination of processes they hone and employ to maximize productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Project management processes, sales and marketing processes, operations processes.

Then, there are the software/hardware tools and the endless landscape of professional services that facilitate these processes.

This Camp Session will surface what some of the key processes are that work for you, as well as some of the tools that make things easier. Your notebook will come away full of thing you'll want to try out.