Matt Schwartz

For 20 years, Matt has worked as a strategist, designer, and writer specializing in interactive. After cutting his teeth in the 90's as an interactive designer with large ad agencies and startups, he founded Matthew Schwartz Design Studio (now Constructive) in 2000, a mission-driven design firm that works exclusively with visionary organizations in the nonprofit and academic sectors to drive social and environmental impact.

Matt is a frequent writer and presenter for industry publications and events who currently writes Cause-Driven Design®, a bi-weekly column for the Foundation Center's Philanthropy News Digest. His work has been awarded and profiled by The Webbys, Communication Arts, The International Academy of the Visual Arts, Print Magazine and others. Matt earned his B.A. from Sarah Lawrence with a dual concentration in Writing and Visual Studies; then conducted post-graduate design studies at the School of Visual Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, and Parsons.

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Differentiate or Die! Effective Brand Strategy for Digital Agencies

February 8, 2016 | 1:30 PM

In an industry increasingly crammed with new digital agencies, and in an era where online collaboration tools have dissolved geographic boundaries of the client/design firm relationship, the competition for work is greater than ever before. And with more and more digital agencies for clients to chose from, not only are firms expected to compete on price and deliver on aggressive schedules—the competition to attract the top talent needed to produce great work is just as tough. 

To succeed in this environment, digital agencies need to move past defining themselves through subjective measures like design quality, claims of a more effective process that leave most clients confused, and fluff bios listing their team's hobbies and favorite foods. 

In this session, Matt Schwartz will explore the challenges digital agencies face in developing a strong brand and explain how many of the ways firms position themselves are subjective, undifferentiated, and difficult to defend. Owners will learn the principles and methods of developing an effective brand strategy that resonates with those inside and outside their firms so they can stand up, stand out, and stand for something.