Wil Reynolds

In 2002, Wil founded Seer Interactive with a vision to build an agency that puts equal focus on doing great things for its clients, its team, and the community at large. From a one-man shop in the living room of his apartment to a team of over 100 on both coasts, Wil’s vision has come to life and continues to grow every day.

Wil got his start in internet marketing way back in ’99, when he joined a web marketing agency and began spearheading SEO strategies for Fortune 500 clients. His passion for driving traffic to sites and then analyzing the impact that traffic has on the companies bottom line has helped shape the SEO industry, and allowed him to permeate other verticals in the digital marketing space.

Recently named one of the 50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2016 by Entrepreneur, Wil currently holds the role of Director of Strategy, focusing on identifying industry innovations and developing strategies across divisions to help our clients navigate the challenges their businesses face as a result of those innovations. Prior to his current role, Wil served as Director of SEO at Seer, guiding the team and driving strategy for all SEO clients. Wil speaks often about his personal experiences running a company on his personal blog, found here.

Wil sits on the board of the Covenant House, an organization serving homeless and runaway youth in the Philadelphia area. His dedication to the Covenant House includes a yearly sleep out, where he spends one night sleeping outside in November to raise money and awareness for the organization.


To Grow or Not to Grow

February 8, 2016 | 11:00 AM

When Wil started Seer Interactive, he told his employees that the company wouldn't get over 10 people. So he built a company for that. Today, Seer is over 100 people strong.

Wil and Bureau of Digital/Happy Cog's Greg Hoy will sit down and discuss what Wil's experience has been like—from the early days of sharing a small office together, to Seer's growth into a bi-coastal SEO/SEM powerhouse named one of Philadelphia's Coolest Companies.

Wil will share some of the most important lessons he's learned along the way.