Chris Quinn


Chris is a Co-Founder and the Operations Director of eHouse Studio, a user experience design company based in Charleston, SC where making customers happier and businesses healthier is a passion. With a background in interior design, Chris has brought her design and organizational skills to the operations side of running eHouse Studio.

Chris finds passion in creating a compelling work environment where people can be themselves while growing professionally and personally. After 10 years of agency experience, she has learned a lot about what works well and what doesn’t. She is a Co-Founder alongside her husband, Aaron and Father In Law, Rick.

When not multi-tasking at the office, Chris is a coffee drinking, chocolate eating, multi-tasking mother of two finding any spare moment to spend time at the beach. 




How Transparency Empowers Your Team to be More Productive

February 8th | 1:30 PM

The behavior of transparency can simply be defined as being honest and easy to understand. Easy, right? Then why can it be so hard to implement a culture of transparency in a company?

In this session, we will talk about how to implement some of the behaviors of business transparency and the potential benefits that can make a team stronger and empower them to be more successful.