Greg Hoy


Greg is a Principal of Happy Cog, an acclaimed boutique digital design studio, as well as the Founding Partner of the Bureau of Digital, the organization whose URL is currently in the top of your web browser.

Greg began his career in sales and marketing in 1992, before turning his focus to interactive design in 1994. He worked as a web designer for 10 years and has managed teams since 1997. His career spans the publishing, media, insurance, and tech consulting industries. An entrepreneur at his core, he has launched several successful companies.

Greg partnered with industry pioneer Jeffrey Zeldman to expand Happy Cog's footprint to Philadelphia, and later further expanded the company's reach and capabilities by merging with boutique design studio Airbag Industries in 2009.

He received his BA in Management from Gettysburg College, where he's an active alumni and serves on the college's Marketing and Communications committee.



Differentiation and Collaboration: What We Can Learn From the Craft Brewing Industry

February 8, 2016 | 3:00 PM

Many say the digital design world is undergoing a sea change, and differentiation and collaboration are key to survival.

In this Camp Session, Greg draws inspiration from the craft brewing industry—a fast paced, rapidly changing world where scrappy craft brewers are gobbled up by monster breweries to enable them to capitalize on the craft beer explosion.

This sort of thing is happening in our industry, too.

Additionally, craft brewers aren’t precious about all of their ‟secrets.” They purposefully work together, because they realize the collective brainpower they harness and put into action will serve to increase their market share and tip the scales more quickly than going it alone.

In this session, we'll look at these parallels and discuss what we can learn from them, with a focus on differentiation and collaboration.