Blair Enns


Blair Enns is on a mission to change the way creative services are bought and sold the world over. He is the founder of Win Without Pitching, a new business development system and training program for creative entrepreneurs, and the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto. Through his speaking, writing and training program Blair has helped thousands of firms reclaim the practitioner position in their relationships with clients and prospects and build systematic, sustainable business development programs that win higher margin work at lower costs of sale. 

Blair lives with his family in the remote mountain village of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada. He can be found on the web at and on Twitter at @blairenns.


The Five Constraints

February 8, 2016 | 4:30 PM

In this talk Win Without Pitching founder Blair Enns discusses the five constraints or restrictions he would impose upon you and your firm—if he had the magic power—that would cause your business development results to soar and your total effort and cost of sale to plummet.

With every constraint you'll do a brief exercise to reimagine the implications in your firm. Each constraint builds upon the next until yours is a Win Without Pitching firm that commands the high ground in your relationships with clients and prospects and wins new business without pitching free ideas, writing lengthy proposals or otherwise sacrificing your practitioner position in the relationship.