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Welcome and Opening Remarks

Grand Ballroom

Brett Harned and the Bureau of Digital Staff


Own it: Uncovering the Intrapreneur in All of Us

Grand Ballroom

Nancy Lyons
Clockwork Active Media

Intrapreneur: A manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing. Intrapreneurs are invaluable to business today — they enable innovation, grow bottom lines, and introduce new perspectives to established companies. But more than anything, it’s the energy they bring to teams that benefits workplaces. They think independently, take initiative, exhibit ownership, accept their role as leaders, and make decisions. No one is in a more perfect position to do this and be this than Project Managers. 

In this session, Nancy Lyons will speak to the core attributes of intrapreneurship and intrapreneurs and discuss how — and why — to bring these characteristics into your daily work.


Managing a Project from the “Last Responsible Moment”

Grand Ballroom

Rob Harr

We have begun to describe our projects with words like “Responsive,” “Flexible,” “Fluid,” “Agile,” and “User Centered,” but we continue to manage our projects the same way we always have. How can we deliver on new grand promises without completely changing our thinking about the work—including project management?

It is more important than ever to embrace the learning that occurs during a project; and in turn, we should wait to make decisions until the best information is available. Learn to be conformable with the unknown, and avoid making decisions that can be better made tomorrow. Only then will we truly start to think in an agile way.

During our time together, we will walk through a list of guidelines by which successful project decisions can be made. These guidelines come from a wide range of projects—large enterprise environments to small websites. At the core of these guidelines is a desire to change the project management process to allow for better decision making.


You Can Do Well, or You Can Do Good

Grand Ballroom

Sam Barnes

Being a Digital Project Manager means you spend most of your days stuck right in the middle of everyone and their often conflicting priorities. From bosses expecting you to deliver results with profit, production teams wanting to do their best work while not cutting corners, clients demanding your full attention, plus quick economical work, other departments and their strategies, colleagues with personal agendas, right through to fellow Digital Project Managers with their own projects and pressures.

When operating at the centre of this intense environment on a daily basis, it’s deceptively easy to lose sight of what should be your focus, delivering quality projects and instead be drawn into a world of energy-sapping office politics, peer group mentality, client bashing, territorial fighting, self-preservation and all sorts of bad things that will ultimately chip away at your soul, until perhaps you become someone you’d rather not be and people don’t enjoy working with.

In this presentation, Sam will talk about mistakes he’s made in the past, the early warning signs  that you’re heading down the wrong path, what to do if you find yourself there already and how to avoid veering off course again so you can maintain your integrity and get back to focusing on delivering awesome projects.



Georgian & Independence rooms
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Certs: Don't Hurt

Grand Ballroom

Cynthia Schmitt
Intuitive Company

Our Lightning Talks are 10-minute, focused presentations that cut to the chase in a hurry.

Our Lightning Talks are 10-minute, focused presentations that cut to the chase in a hurry.

Project Management Certifications in the digital sphere. Are they necessary? How are they viewed?

PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP.....The digital world has a love-hate relationship with the alphabet soup that is project management certifications. Larger companies often require formal training while smaller agencies may not even look at a resume of a certified individual. To survive in the digital world you have to serve a lot of masters and keep your resume fresh and flexible. How do you know if certification is something you should pursue? What other options are there for individuals looking to receive training in an atmosphere that is constantly evolving? Is any of this actually applicable in the real world? Cynthia has worked in both the large company and small agency setting navigating these murky waters.


During this time slot, choose between a Panel Discussion, a Breakout Presentation, a Breakout Workshop, or a Breakout Clinic.

Panel Discussion: The Future of Digital Project Management

Grand Ballroom

Panelists: Sam Barnes, Paul Boag, Rachel Gertz, and Nancy Lyons
Moderated by Brett Harned

Join this panel conversation for spirited debate about the future of DPM. Will we standardize a process? Do titles matter? What should digital project managers focus on to ensure career growth in the digital industry? Brett Harned will moderate the panel and urge the audience to participate and ask the experts their burning questions.




Building a Great Project Management Team

Franklin Room

Kurt Schmidt
The Nerdery

The quality of the project manager can make or break a project. Many organizations will post job openings to free sites, quickly process resumes and throw newbs onto a project their first day – and then wonder why projects falter and PMs quit. In this session, I will discuss a framework for sourcing, hiring and supporting best-in-class project managers, as well as techniques on how mentors and employers can focus on the leadership qualifications of their candidates. If you hire, manage or mentor project managers this is a session you will not want to miss!


A Digital Agile Retrospective


Dave Prior
Leading Agile

Our Workshops are interactive by nature. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work with your peers.

Our Workshops are interactive by nature. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work with your peers.

A lot of Digital PMs say they are "doing Agile", and a lot of them wave their hands sideways to say they are "kind of doing Agile?". While going 100% Agile would be nice, it’s not really an option for a lot of Digital Teams. So, how Agile do you actually need to be and why?

This goal of this session is to hold a retrospective with a large group of Digital PMs who are interested in exploring why DPMs are choosing to practice whatever degree of Agile they've adopted; if this needs to change, why and how. Participants in this session will be working together in small groups, sharing information on how their use of Agile is working, or not, and what can be done about it. Results of this session will be will be published/shared with the attendees of the conference.


Manage Your Remote Team

Director's Room

Natalie Semczuk
Independent Project Manager

Our Clinics are sessions designed to share a specific thought process and methodology that provide immediate useful takeaways.

Our Clinics are sessions designed to share a specific thought process and methodology that provide immediate useful takeaways.

Managing a remote team requires project managers to think differently about project needs and team communication. This session is meant for PMs currently managing a remote team, interested in hiring/managing a remote team, or PMs who are new to working with a remote team.


  • What to expect from a remote team
  • Managing a remote team
  • Being a part of a remote team
  • Advantages and disadvantages to remote teams
  • Issues that are a part of remote teams (and how to overcome these)
  • Communicating effectively with remote teams
  • Evaluating remote teams
  • Tools that make remote work easier


During this time slot, choose between one of two Breakout Presentations, a Breakout Workshop, or Breakout Clinic.

The Meeting Whisperer


Tera Simon
Atlantic BT

Project Managers live and die by meetings. We are in charge of controlling the pace and tone of the room. We have to be able to identify when a meeting is going off the rails, and know how to bring it back around.

We've all experienced poorly organized meetings, but we have the power to change this. We have the power to stop the negative connotation that surrounds meetings. We do this, by understanding how to successfully run a meeting.

Consider this topic bar rescue of meetings. It will bring about a lively discussion. As a group we'll walk through meeting nightmares. How could we have improved the situation? As a group we can break apart and role play meeting scenarios. We'll use helpful tips to bring a meeting back around.


  • How to deal with the one man show
  • When electronics should be allowed during a meeting
  • Changing the tone of a meeting

By the end of this session, each attendee should be able to walk away with a checklist on how to stop having meetings that suck. Each person should become a Meeting Whisperer.


When Your Boss is Your Client: The Life of an In-House Project Manager

Franklin Room

Christine Holcombe
Whole Foods Markets

Since transitioning away from a client-facing role and becoming an in-house PM, Christine noticed a major shift in the way she manages her team members and stakeholders. As an in-house PM, your client PM skill set remains relevant, but you have to develop new tools for dealing with the politics and organizational dynamics that come with managing internal projects and teams.


  • Setting appropriate expectations with internal stakeholders
  • Managing expectations of internal stakeholders 
  • Maintaining positive relationships between your team and stakeholders 
  • Keeping your team on track when you don't have to worry about billable hours
  • Encouraging your team to have autonomy


Next-Level Collaboration: Facilitating Web Content Working Sessions


Rebekah Cancino

Our Workshops   are interactive by nature. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work with your peers.

Our Workshops are interactive by nature. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work with your peers.

Imagine a future where siloed departments and legacy workflows don’t stand in our way. Today’s content is complex, interconnected, and needs to be ready for devices we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Tomorrow isn’t going to get any simpler. Successful outcomes demand a new kind of collaboration. 

For the past two years, Rebekah has studied how successful teams collaborate and has helped transform the way her team works and produces together. In this session, you’ll hear what she’s learned about making effective cross-discipline collaboration possible, and leave with actionable approaches you can use to unite your team and workflow, too. 


  • What it takes to make effective collaboration possible
  • How project managers can play a key role in creating the cross-discipline teams of tomorrow 
  • Practical techniques you can use to bridge silos, increase productivity, and facilitate web content working sessions with your team


Golden Tickets: How to Write Awesome, Useful Dev Documentation

Director's Room

Josh Korr

Our Clinics are sessions designed to share a specific   thought process and methodology that provide immediate useful takeaways.

Our Clinics are sessions designed to share a specific thought process and methodology that provide immediate useful takeaways.

For PMs who don't work in a documentation-less agile dreamland, a big part of our job is writing tickets (and other documentation) for developers. This clinic will help you write awesome tickets that'll leave your dev colleagues giving one :thumbsup: after another. We'll learn how to break down wireframes and comps into useful tickets, and which ticket details can make back-end and front-end developers' lives easier. Whether you manage Drupal content sites, custom Rails applications, or iOS apps, you'll come away with highly practical tips to immediately improve your tickets.


During this time slot, choose between a Breakout Presentation and three different Camp Sessions.

From Mundane to Magical — How to Enchant Your Clients at Every Turn

Grand Ballroom

Amy Kapell
Closed Loop

How do you transform the taken-for-granted, often mundane acts of daily PM communication into the magical experience of writing emails that actually get responses, running meetings people want to attend, building client rapport that lasts and generally being the DPM people can't live without?

You enchant the hell out of them.

In this informative, actionable, multi-takeway presentation, 15 year communication veteran and digital project manager Amy Kapell walks (and talks) you through key tactics and strategies to turn the communication you do every day into a magical experience your clients and colleagues will rave about for years to come.


Camp Session 1: Process

Franklin Room

Moderated by Brett Harned
Bureau of Digital


Agile, Waterfall, Agifail? Whatever process you're using, chances are that someone else can learn from it. Join this discussion session to dig deeper in to what works, what doesn't work, and what's just flat out ridiculous when it comes to PM process in digital.


Camp Session 2: Managing Clients

Georgian ROOM

Moderated by Carl Smith
Bureau of Digital


Many digital PMs are tasked with managing client relationships, budgets, and expectations. Join this session to talk about how you manage clients, or maybe share an experience of your own and get some sage advice from Carl and your peers.


Camp Session 3: Managing Meaningful Feedback

Director's ROOM

Moderated by Greg Hoy
Bureau of Digital


Late or unhelpful feedback can kill your project timeline and budget. So how can you manage a process that will actually work for everyone? Join this session to share some tips, war stories, or gain advice from your peers.


Pricing Design


Dan Mall

As an industry, we’re either too timid when it comes to money, or we don’t understand our value enough to be confident in it.

Dan will:

  • Talk specifics about industry standards in hourly billing, fixed pricing, cost-plus pricing, and value pricing
  • Give examples of how to really listen for what your customers want
  • Walk through an detailed example of how to put useful pricing strategies into practice


Day 1 Wrap-Up



Digital PM Summit Social

UBAHN, 1320 Chestnut Street

After you grab dinner with a group of friends, head over to UBAHN to continue the conversations you started earlier in the day and to get to know your fellow attendees better. There will be an open bar and hors d' ouvres served.