Get Ready for DPM 2018 in Memphis, TN!

The Digital PM Summit is two days of engaging presentations, breakout sessions, and lightning talks exploring how we manage digital projects, from a variety of perspectives. No matter the methodology — Agile with a capital A, agile without a capital a, waterfall, or hybrid, we’ll share the secrets of keeping projects moving, keeping clients happy, keeping teams engaged, and keeping budgets intact. You will gain new perspectives, make new friends, and gain access to an unparalleled support system of peers. 

We are thrilled to take the Digital PM Summit 2018 to a new location: The Guest House at Graceland in Memphis, TN. This lovely, new facility is perfect for our group and our event, as it offers expansive conference and breakout space, 450 guest rooms, free airport shuttles, access to Memphis...and of course, the home of Elvis Presley. It'll be an event that will provide you with ideas, connections, and memories that will support you in your career.

What You'll Discuss and Learn

Over the course of two days we offer traditional keynotes and presentations, as well as interactive sessions, panels, breakout conversations, and lightning talks. There is also an optional workshop day, which includes two 3.5 hour workshops presented by Peta Kennett-Wilson and Rob Harr. Please note, the workshops require a separate ticket.

Whether you work for an agency or an in-house team, are seasoned or new to DPM, there will be content relevant for you. In fact, in 2018 we are making some format changes to accommodate our growing community.

Some of the topics we've covered over the course of the conference include:

  • Project Communications
  • Change Management
  • Setting Expectations
  • Leadership
  • Empathy for DPMs
  • How to Talk About Money
  • The DPM Career Path
  • Making Agile Work for Internal and Agency Teams
  • Finding the Right Tools

We are currently working on our programming for the 2018 Digital PM Summit, and we will release a call for papers in early 2018. If you're looking for more information and want a sense for what the event is like, check out the 2017 Digital PM Summit Agenda. Or, check out our Digital PM Summit 2017 Round Up blog post, which links to speaker presentation slides, tweets, and more. 

Our Speakers

We're currently working on our agenda and recruiting the best speakers and topics. Check back for more updates soon!

Would you like to be considered to speak at the Digital PM Summit? We are currently looking for speakers to present keynotes, workshops, and lightning talks. Please submit your ideas via our online call for papers.

On that note, please know that curating a conference agenda is tough, especially with a growing community filled with great ideas! We’ll leave this survey open until May 1, 2018 and plan to make announcements leading up to that date as well.

Our Community

There’s an overall feeling of excitement about “finding your people” among the Digital PM community, and that is apparent at every Digital PM Summit. Most have explored many avenues when it comes to learning and networking, and likely have read the more traditional PM books and blogs. But DPMs are seeking something more—a genuine connection not only through DPM content and work experience, but through interests and expertise. And they’re honestly not that easy to find, so we're happy that The Digital PM Summit has become the "home" to those connections.

In 2017 we asked our community to answer a few questions on video, and we screened the video below at the Summit. Check it out to see just how passionate the community is, and you'll certainly get a sense for who you'll meet at the Summit, and what you'll talk about. 

Earn PDUs and Have Fun!

If you've got your PMP or are working toward it, you should know that attending will help you earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). While we're not associated with the Project Management Institute (PMI), we do know that this event will earn you PDUs for every hour you're in a Digital PM Summit session. All you have to do is submit your ticket receipt along with the number of hours you spent in sessions to PMI. Several attendees have successfully done this in the past.

Previous Digital PM Summit Presentations

Looking for a sense of what the Digital PM Summit is all about? Check out the videos below and you'll get an idea of what our presentations are like. You'll find a mix of inspiration and DPM tactics from a variety of industry leaders. 

Meghan McInerny: Level Up: Project Management as a Leadership Role
The basics of project management are pretty clear: creating timelines, managing budgets, communicating with clients and colleagues. But...then what? What does excellence in project management really look like once we master the essential skills of the role? 

Sam Barnes: It's All About the Little Things
When managing projects or leading teams, being consistently good at getting the absolute basics right can be the difference between success and failure.

Sharon Steed: Herding Cats
In this powerful talk from Digital PM Summit 2017, Sharon Steed elevates empathy from a buzzword to a verb. She breaks down the chaos of everyday communication and discusses how communicating with empathy fosters environments ripe for collaboration. 

Brett Harned: State of the DPM Community
In this short introduction to the 2017 Digital PM Summit, Brett recaps research on trends in the DPM Community.

Amanda Costello: How Silos Learn
Taking up the cry against organizational silos can bring both empathy and cringing. Of course, silos are awful and keep us from doing our best work, but when you're in the middle of a silo – and maybe that silo is inside ANOTHER silo – well, what's a PM to do?

Panel: The PM Career Path
A panel of former and current DPMs share their unique career paths in a panel discussion moderated by Meghan McInerny. 

Greg Ryder: 2-Minute Principle
In this Lighting Talk, Greg presents principles that help getting important project info out of our heads and into an organized, digestible system that can then be easily, and quickly reviewed on a regular basis.

Abby Fretz: Learning Efficient, Democratic Decision Making From Social Insect Groups
In this Lighting Talk, Abby explores how can we learn from bees and – as emotional, complex, and flawed human teams in the digital space – consistently and efficiently make difficult decisions as a group.

Rob Harr: Putting People Back In Projects
The number of people involved in our projects continues to grow. There are our customers, our stakeholders (some more visible than others), our teams, and of course our users. The iron triangle of project management has always been scope, budget, and timeline.

Martijn van Tilburg: A 10,000ft View of Getting Things Done
Project Managers have the unique role of understanding project requirements and then defining and communicating the constraints with the team. The process can unravel when people from different disciplines miss out on key information, which is all too often the reality and places the bulk of the burden on the PM.

Attendee Photos from Past Digital PM Summits


September 4-6, 2018
Optional Workshop Day 9/4/18
The Guest House at Graceland
Memphis, TN
Main Event: $1,099

Travel Logistics and Scheduling

Workshop Day:
Plan to be in attendance from 9:30am to 5:30pm on 9/4, and join us at our welcome reception after the workshop. We have hotel rooms blocked for 9/3 if you'd like to arrive in advance of the workshop.

If you're not attending the optional workshop day on 9/4, arrive on 9/4 by 5pm to check in and attend our welcome reception.

Arrive after 7:30am on 9/5 to check in and grab breakfast before our first session kicks off (at 8:45am). Sessions will run from 8:45am until about 6:00pm on 9/5 and 9/6, and many attendees will hang around Memphis and leave the following day.

What Our Attendees are Saying

"I never knew how beneficial and inspiring it would be to be surrounded by such a strong community of DPMs until I attended the 2017 DPM Summit. I left feeling like I wasn't alone and maybe all my challenges weren't so unique, but most of all, I left feeling empowered to push myself to utilize the many learnings I took away from the conference to improve myself, others around me, and the way we work together."

-Rachel Woodburn, 90octane

"This was my third year attending the Digital PM Summit and the connections made each year are invaluable. It's refreshing to know that other in-house teams have the same challenges I face and the Summit provides a forum to exchange best practices and help provide solutions to each other."

-Bill Matz, Hershey

"Digital PM Summit 2017 totally surprised me! I was a first-time attendee and wasn't sure what to expect. I learned so much and met so many new friends that I can collaborate with at any time whether it be a Waterfall, Agile, or Scrum project. The networking alone was priceless! Yep, I'll be back next year!"

-Sonya Johnson, Duke University

"Project management is a lonely gig. The event reinforced that I'm not alone and there are so many resources to help me. All the DPMs I talked to are going through the same challenges I am. It was so nice to commiserate with others. I left the event feeling so much better about myself, my work and my career trajectory."

- Aleta Melton, Emerge Interactive

"The only conference I've attended that was 100% worth while investment of my time and money."

-Marc O'Brien, The Zane Ray Group

"Within the last month, I've made the transition from Sr. Account Manager to Sr. Project Manager within my agency. My mentor invited me to this event as a crash course and immersive experience in project management. This is, by far, the most valuable conference I have ever attended. All presentations were golden. Which is rare. By the end of the workshop on Wednesday, I was mentally exhausted just trying to soak in as much knowledge drops as possible."

- Bri Wolff, 90octane

"I finally found my tribe! I attended DPM Summit 2017 in hopes of gaining a better understanding of my roles/responsibilities as a DPM. I walked away with so much more!"

- Maya, Toolhouse

Thank You to Our Wonderful Sponsors

Location images via The Guest House at Graceland