Shahina Patel


Shahina hails from Manchester, UK, but now resides in Edmonton, Canada. Having been a project manager in different industries her whole career, she found her true calling in digital five years ago. She loves forging great collaborative efforts between clients, customers and digital teams to make good things. By day, Shahina works as a consultant at Punchcard, where she is an asker of awkward questions, tryer of new things and borrower of ideas. Out-of-hours, she co-runs the DPM Edmonton meetup and helps organize Deliver Conference for the digital PMs back home in England.

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Post-its and DPMs: Solving Project Problems with UX Methods

3:00 pm, Thursday, SEPTEMBER 6
guest house theater

The field of user experience has led the way in developing fun and effective ways to identify and solve design problems, like empathy mapping, user journeys, prototyping, and even simple sketching. This session will walk you through some of these tools and techniques and teach you how to confidently apply them across all parts of your work as a digital project manager. All you’ll need after this session is a problem to solve and some well-chosen stationery.

In this session you will learn:  

  • Facilitation techniques that will help you get the most out of any type of collaboration - from daily stand ups and meetings to all-day workshops

  • Interactive and creative methods to generate shared understanding and gain alignment between different stakeholders and team members

  • How to spot opportunities in your own organization to think differently and approach people and process-based problems in new ways