Shahina Patel

Shahina hails from Manchester, UK. She’s spent her career managing projects across different industries until finding her true calling in digital three years ago. She loves learning new ways to get the best out of people and working together with digital teams to make good things. By day, Shahina works as a project manager at Sigma. Out-of-hours, she co-runs Deliver Sessions, a Meetup group for digital PMs across the north of England.



Regional Breakout

Shahina will moderate two of our regional breakout sessions. These sessions will give you a chance to meet attendees from your region (and beyond), discuss relevant topics, share ideas, and learn a new thing or two. Topics will include:

  • DPM challenges
  • Tools
  • Process
  • Meetups & Continuing Education

This session type was a huge hit at DPM 2016, so we've added a second to this year's event. 


The PM Career Path

MONDAY, OCTOBER 16 | 3:15-4:30

A panel of former and current PMs will share their unique career paths in a panel discussion moderated by Meghan McInerny. Brief lightning presentations will be followed by questions and discussion.

What is it like to jump from client- to agency-side? How do rookie PM skills translate into C-level badassery? What does spending your whole career as a PM look like? When is the right time to go freelance? Come with your own questions and let’s get real!