Kurt Schmidt

As Director of Project Management at The Nerdery, a custom software design and development company, Kurt helps to lead, support and train a project management team of over 50 project and program managers. Kurt has written articles in nationally-recognized publications, spoken to industry peers and fellow leaders at conferences, and led and developed workshops on project management. He’s currently writing a book on digital project management.

You can find Kurt on Twitter at @KRTS and on LinkedIn.






Building a Great Project Management Team

October 12th | 1:30 PM

The quality of the project manager can make or break a project. Many organizations will post job openings to free sites, quickly process resumes and throw newbs onto a project their first day – and then wonder why projects falter and PMs quit. In this session, I will discuss a framework for sourcing, hiring and supporting best-in-class project managers, as well as techniques on how mentors and employers can focus on the leadership qualifications of their candidates. If you hire, manage or mentor project managers this is a session you will not want to miss!