Robert Jolly

An accessibility-focused Project Manager with nearly 20 years in the web design industry, Robert has managed projects for clients including Zappos, Georgetown University, Nintendo, Time Inc., American Airlines, JetBlue, and many others. Passionate about accessibility, Robert has spoken at conferences, led training workshops, and brings a whole-team approach to accessibility and inclusive design. When not online, Robert may be found with his family, riding his bike, or at a nearby Waffle House.  Check out more of Robert's work on his website



The DPM's Accessibility Toolbox

October 13th | 1:30 PM

The DPM is responsible for ensuring all aspects of projects run smoothly, on-time, and meet numerous requirements. Often, accessibility is a key project requirement that is overlooked or misunderstood.

In this participatory workshop, we'll unpack what it really means for a digital project to be accessible and how DPMs can ensure this requirement is scoped, planned, and executed to successfully meet the requirement. At the same time, you'll learn how to level-up team all project members to include accessibility in their core skill set.