Dave Prior

Dave Prior stumbled into digital project management working for Nickelodeon and a number of agencies in NYC during the dot com boom. For the past 20 years he has been leading technology projects and teaching individuals and teams better ways to manage their work. While most of his early efforts focused on the traditional side of project, program and portfolio management, Dave was dragged kicking and screaming into Agile in 1999. Because of the struggles he faced in letting go of the waterfall and adopting Agile, Dave's focus now is on helping to make the transition from traditional PM to Agile suck a little less for those who are now moving in that direction.

Dave is an active volunteer for the Scrum Alliance and the Project Management Institute. He blogs and podcasts for a number of leading project management focused websites and is currently leading workshops for PMI on developing a hybrid PMO that is capable of supporting both Agile and traditional models of PM.

Dave works for LeadingAgile as a Certified Scrum Trainer. He also holds PMP and PMI-ACP Certifications. He received his MBA with a focus in Project Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. A native Philadelphia, Dave now lives in Oklahoma and works primarily in the US and Europe. 

If he could have one wish, it would be for every PM to read The Art of War.



A Digital Agile Retrospective

October 12th | 1:30 PM

A lot of Digital PMs say they are "doing Agile", and a lot of them wave their hands sideways to say they are "kind of doing Agile?". While going 100% Agile would be nice, it’s not really an option for a lot of Digital Teams. So, how Agile do you actually need to be and why?

This goal of this session is to hold a retrospective with a large group of Digital PMs who are interested in exploring why DPMs are choosing to practice whatever degree of Agile they've adopted; if this needs to change, why and how. Participants in this session will be working together in small groups, sharing information on how their use of Agile is working, or not, and what can be done about it. Results of this session will be will be published/shared with the attendees of the conference.