Jessica Paris

With humble roots in the 90s as freelance “webmaster” and "digital marketing expert", Jessica transitioned into the role of project manager starting at the world-renowned Wolfram Research. She led the charge on some of the company's most groundbreaking digital projects like Demonstrations, mobile applications, Personal Analytics for Facebook, Wolfram|Alpha and its' API (as seen in Siri):.

After nearly a decade, Jessica was wooed to Pixo in 2012 where she then made the leap into consultancy as Pixo’s first official Project Manager. Since then, Jessica has championed using Agile practices, JIRA, and established dedicated QA and PM teams, who collectively ensure the quality and success of dozens of projects—from slick web brochures, to large CMS websites, hardware integrations with mobile apps, and complex custom business software. 

Jessica is passionate about collaborating with development teams to come up with creative solutions to complex problems, challenging assumptions, constant simplification, retrospection, and balancing the iron triangle through transparency and a big red sharpie. 

Jessica also expertly project-managed last year’s epic post-summit karaoke outing. Look for details on twitter. @TheJessicaParis 


Launch a Big Redesign Iteratively

October 13th | 1:30 PM

Stuck in an all-or-nothing waterfall with your big website replacement projects? Turn the challenge of an unrealistic timeline into an opportunity by defining your website's MVP. Learn the reasons for and benefits of an iterative launch schedule so you can sell it to your clients. Gain practical tips and techniques for breaking down projects into tasty bite-size chunks to build high quality vertical slices. Learn how to dissect wireframes and work with your teams to find the real V1, and how to help your clients prioritize when "everything is a high priority".