Traci Barrett


Traci Barrett is the Co-Founder of Navigate the Journey and serves as a leadership and strategic consultant. Navigate the Journey specializes in digital studios, helping owners and leaders move their agencies toward success and profitability through strategic planning and leadership development. Traci works closely with agencies to help them articulate their mission, vision, core values and strategy for their agency. She coaches owners and leaders to build their leadership skills, cultivate cohesive and aligned teams and share their ownership by empowering their employees.

Traci spent over 20 years in the television and advertising industry and was part of a small team that founded and launched the national cable television network HGTV: Home & Garden Television in 1994. She helped lead HGTV to success running their Chicago and Dallas offices for over 17 years.

Traci holds a B.A. in Telecommunications & Marketing. She also holds her M.A. in Professional Psychology.

Traci is a sought-after speaker and enjoys sharing perspective on topics such as leadership, strategy and personal mission. After 25 years in Chicago, Traci and her family recently relocated to Nashville. When she is not strategizing or coaching, she is hiking the hills with her husband and two daughters.  


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Twitter: @BarrettTraci