Owner Summit 2019 Speakers

Owner Summit brings together industry leaders from all corners of the digital world to share insights, experiences and inspiration to help you take your business to the next level. Select a speaker below to learn more about our 2019 lineup. Keep an eye on @ownersummit for more event announcements, or subscribe for email updates.

Brian Williams

Founder, Perspectivity. Author, The Ultimate Sales Messaging System.

Becky McKinnell

President/Founder of iBec Creative. Founding partner of ikno Intranet. @iBecCreative.

Dan Mall

Founder, SuperFriendly. Co-Founder & CEO, SuperBooked. Author, Pricing Design@danmall.

Traci Barrett

Co-Founder of Navigate the Journey. Leadership & Strategic Consultant. @BarrettTraci.

Kianosh Pourian

Technologist. Advocate of the Open Web. @kianoshp.

Rob Harr

Developer. Software Consultant. VP of Operations at Sparkbox. @robertHarr.

Avery Swartz

Digital Advisor & Consultant, North Coast Group. Founder & CEO, Camp Tech. @averyswartz.

Gabe Levine

Principal / Attorney at Matchstick Legal. @MyLawyerGabe.

Robert Sfeir

Senior Director, Delivery at Huge, Inc. @RobertSfeir.

Joe Rinaldi

Business Development Consultant at That Was Clutch. People Connector. Community Builder. @JoeRinaldi.

Mark O'Brien

CEO, Newfangled. @NewfangledMark.

Carla Hale

Director of Client Services & Partner, The Scenery. @carlaweishale.

Josh Barrett

Principal / Attorney at Matchstick Legal. @pdxbarrett.

Jody Grunden

Managing Member of Summit CPA Group. Virtual CFO. @jgrunden.

Carl Smith

Builder of Community at Bureau of Digital. @carlsmith.


Insights from Fellow Owners & Industry Leaders

What’s in store for 2019? Tune into a few of the 2018 speaker sessions for a glimpse into the last Owner Summit.

Richard Banfield: Stupidity & Shame: Making Failure Your Best Teacher

Doing things that make us embarrassed and expose our fallibility can be the best lessons for owners. The question is will you learn your lesson or let pride ruin your business?

Claire Lew: The Grass is Always Greener

Owners always think employees have it easier...and employees always think the owners have it easier. Hone in on the disconnect and find out how we can all work better together.

Marty Ringlein: From Agency to Acquisition

Get a first-hand account of growing an agency through talent and technology, and how relentless experimentation led to acquisition conversations with big names like Apple and Spotify.

Gabe Levine & Josh Barrett: Bureau Standard Form of Agreement for Digital Services

Learn more about the Bureau's standard base level agreement and request the most recent version.

Ilise Benun: The Art of Attracting the Best Clients

Stop the self-defeating cycle of feast or famine (the underbelly of “word of mouth”) and instead attract the best clients—you know, the ones who value your services and are ready to pay for them.

Adam Hale and Dave Danic: The New Tax Laws and Your Business

The new tax policies have a lot of us scratching our heads. Find out what’s changed and how to make the most of the new tax codes.

Nancy Lyons: Digital Transformation Isn’t Digital After All

Take a people-first approach and drive real transformation to achieve a digital culture.

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