Sherry Walling, PhD


Dr. Sherry Walling is a licensed clinical psychologist, the co-host of the ZenFounder podcast and the founder of ZenFounder LLC. Her life’s work is to help owners and entrepreneurs protect against burnout, depression, isolation and other threats to mental health. She tries to help folks have fun too.

Her book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together came out in 2018 and became an Amazon best-seller in a matter of days.

Married to a serial tech entrepreneur, Sherry has a unique combination of psychological expertise and 18 years of experience in the trenches of the startup world. She brings these worlds together with her extensive experience as a psychotherapist.

When she’s not in the consulting room or hopping conferences, Sherry can be found on her paddleboard, in the yoga studio, practicing her circus skills or ushering her three kiddos through an art museum in some fabulous city. 


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Get in touch with Sherry:

Twitter: @zenfounder